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July 29th, 2005

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Cho U eliminated from Tengen; Chen beats Dai in Guoshou league

Yesterday, Imamura Toshiya, 9 dan, defeated Cho U Meijin by 2.5 points in a semi-final of the challenger decision knockout tournament to eliminate him from contention for the 31st Tengen title. Imamura will face Kono Rin, 7 dan, in the match to decide the challenger.

In the 1st Guoshou (Taiwan National Championship) League, qualifier Chen Shien, 3 dan, once again showed his class by defeating Dai Jiashen, 7 dan, by resignation. Chen Shien now has a 2-1 record in the league, having beaten two 7 dans, and having lost to 4 dan Huang Xiangren (who has lost all his other matches in the league so far).

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July 29th, 2005

Dinerchtein beats Taranu in Round 5 of European Open

The 49th European Go Congress is underway at the moment, and one of the major events of the congress is the European Open Go Championships, a 10-round MacMahon tournament, with one round being played per day. Time limits are 2h30 per player, with minute-a-move byo-yomi. Topping the tournament table after round 4, were Catalin Taranu, a Romanian player who is a 5 dan professional in Japan, and Alexandre Dinerchtein, a Russian player who became a Korean 1 dan professional in 2002. They took each other on in Round 5 in a marathon game lasting 4 hours and 40 minutes. Taranu ignored some early moves to build a large moyo on the right and a large left side, but later sacrificed some of the moyo to destroy one of Dinerchtein’s corners. At that stage it seemed he had a solid grip on the game, but Dinerchtein used a ko to work himself back into the game. Finally Taranu was forced to resign when he did not play a vital defensive move, and Dinerchtein reduced a large group of his to only one eye.

The game on the first board in the European Open championship is being relayed live on IGS and KGS, for all 10 rounds. Check the congress website for times.

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July 29th, 2005

New WC Ranks

New Western Cape ranks after last night’s Stellenbosch club games: Hanno Botha (18k), Lei Feng (18k), Adrian Thom (24k), and Louis de Jager (25k).

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July 29th, 2005

Osram cup finalists, new Korean 10-dan title

The only news on the pro scene today comes from Korea. First off, Lee Yeongku, 4 dan, taking Black, defeated Ko Geuntae, 3 dan, by resignation in the second game of the best-of-3 semifinal of the Osram Cup for new Korean professionals. After winning the first game by half a point, this gives him the victory 2-0 in the semifinal. He will face Kang Dongyun, 3-dan in the best-of-3 final. Kang pulled off an upset in the other semi-final just over a week ago, defeating Pak Chi-eun, 6 dan, the strong female player.

The second bit of news is that the tournament sponsored by the Wonik group in Korea has received a name. Until now, the tournament has had no name, with the victor’s trophy being known as the Wonik Cup. It has now been decided that the tournament will now be the equivalent of the Japanese Judan, or 10-dan, title. Depending on your taste and pronunciation, that would mean it’ll be called the Siptan, Shiptan or Jipdang title.

Finally, the Korean Team League saw the start of a clash of ideologies today: Team Park Land is currently taking on Team Holy Construction. In a twist of irony, the team leader of Team Holy Construction is the Kiseong title holder, Pak Yeong-hun (often also known as Park). Park Land are currently 1-0 in the lead after the 2 dan, Son Geungi, defeated 7 dan Kim Yeong-hwan by 6.5 taking Black.

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July 28th, 2005

Western Cape Regional Council Constitution

The clubs in the Western Cape are busy organizing a regional Go council for developing Go in the region, and representing the region to SAGA. A draft constitution has been written, and is now being discussed. Those interested can take a look at the proposed constitution, and make comments on this post, or mail them to Steve.

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July 28th, 2005

Yoda retains Gosei title

Yoda Norimoto displayed fine form defending his Gosei title this year, displaying his strength by winning the title match 3-0, and further winning all his games against challenger Yuki Satoshi 9 dan by resignation.

Yoda now has a 15-6 win-loss record against Yuki, who is a professional from the Kansai Ki-in, the Western Japanese Go Institute.

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July 28th, 2005

Guillaume promoted

Guillaume Binet has a new Western Cape rank of 10 kyu.

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July 25th, 2005

Tianyuan defeats Ch’eonweon

Gu Li Tianyuan, the Chinese 7-dan, beat Ch’oe Ch’eol-han Ch’eonweon in the 3rd and final game of the China-Korea Tengen match. Exactly as in the previous game, Gu Li took black and won by 1.5 points, thus defeating the Korean challenger as he did last year.

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July 22nd, 2005

Rank changes

New WC rankings in brackets: Andre Connell (5k), Ben Bredenkamp (17k).

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July 22nd, 2005

Pro news

Gu Li (B) pulled off a narrow win (1.5 points) against Ch’oe Ch’eol-han (W) to even the scores in the China-Korea Tengen Challenge. The deciding final match will be held today. In the Japanese Tengen tournament, Kono Rin, who earlier eliminated Yoda Norimoto Gosei from the challenger tournament, has claimed a place in the challenger decision match.

Iyama Yuta, who last week caused an upset defeating Cho U in the Agon Cup, has progressed to the final in the Shinjin O King of the New Stars Cup.

The players qualifying for the final knockout stage of the new Korean Wangik title have been finalised. 8 players were seeded into theis stage, including the holders of the 3 major Korean titles, the Kuksu, Wangwi and Kisung. However, the other 24 open positions were fiercely contested, and some notables gaining spots through qualifying include Ye Nae-wi (perhaps better known as Rui Naiwei), the female 9 dan, Kang Dongyun, finalist in the Osram Cup (see the previous pro update on this site), and Seo Pong-su, a 2 dan who beat two 7 dans in succession to claim his spot.

The female pro scene was also rather active the last few days. Pak Chi-eun (who was eliminated in the Osram Cup semifinal by Kang Dongyun) beat Lee Hajin 1 dan in the female Myeongin tournament. Lee had caused an upset in the previous round by eliminating Female Kuksu Cho Hyeyeon.

On the Japanese side, Kato Keiko 4 dan defeated Konishi Kazuko 8 dan to claim her place in the Female Honinbo challenger decision match against Yashiro Kumiko 5 dan. In the Female Strongest tournament, she was not as fortunate, being eliminated by Kobayashi Izumi 6 dan. By the way, Kobayashi Izumi is very active in promoting Go in the West, having hosted a number of Western insei at her house, and including them in her study group. Her family includes a number of great Go players: she’s the daughter of Kobayashi Koichi, the granddaughter of Kitani Minoru (Kobayashi Koichi, who studied under him, married his daughter), and the wife of Cho U.

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