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August 30th, 2005

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And the 16 new Samsung Cup finalists are….

In the end, 3 points separated amateur Kim Namhun from a Samsung Cup final berth, going down against Kim Myeong-wan (kr 7d) in his match today.

The other players to claim berths in the final were: Rui Naiwei (kr 9d), Yun Junsang (kr 4d), Yi Heui-seong (kr 6d) (beat Ko Geuntae), Mizokami Tomochika (jp 8d), Paek Hongsuk (kr 4d) (beat An Tal-hun), Li Zhe (cn 4d), Kim Jiseok (kr 2d) (beat On Sojin), Yoo Jaeho (kr 1d) (beat Yi Seong-chae (kr 7d)), Tsuruyama Atsushi (jp 6d) (won on time against Kim Sujun (jp 7d)), Cheon Seu Wien (kr 3d), Lee Jungwoo (kr 5d), Wang Lei (cn 5d) (beat Kang Dongyun), Cho Han-seung (kr 8d), Luo Xihe (cn 9d) and Piao Wenyao (cn 4d).

That’s 10 Koreans, 4 Chinese and 2 Japanese.

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August 30th, 2005

Kim Namhun defeats Furuya Yutaka; more about Cheon Seu Wien

7-dan Korean amateur Kim Namhun continued his string of upsets in the Samsung Cup preliminaries yesterday, eliminating Kansai Ki-in 7-dan Furuya Yutaka, to claim his place in the final 32 in the preliminaries. The remaining 32 are paired off, and the 16 winners of the matches taking place today, qualify for berths in the Samsung Cup finals. Kim’s opponent today is Korean 7-dan Kim Myeong-wan.

Otherwise, the biggest upset in yesterday’s matches was the elimination of elite Chinese player, Chang Hao (9-dan). Chang, a previous winner of the Ing Cup (as well as the World Amateur Go Championship before turning pro), was eliminated by Wang Lei, a Chinese 5-dan.

Some of the top players remaining in the last 32, are female world number 1, Rui Naiwei (kr 9d), An Tal-hun (kr 6d), and Cho Han-seung (kr 8d). 21 of the remaining 32 are Koreans, with 12 of them ranked 4-dan or lower. Japan’s 6 remaining players, on the other hand, are all ranked 6-dan or above.

A number of the remaining low-dan Korean players will be familiar names to the readers of our pro news: Kang Dongyun (3d) (who will face Wang Lei today), Ko Geuntae (3d), On Sojin and Kim Jiseok. On and Kim, 2 of the 3 remaining 2-dans, face each other today.

Another well-known Korean rising star in the top 32 is Cheon Seu Wien (3d) (aka Chen Shien). Cheon is an interesting player: he’s a Taiwanese 20-year old, who turned pro in Korea in 2000, after training in Seoul at the Go school of Kweon Kap-yong (6d) – the same school where Yi Se-tol and Ch’oe Ch’eol-han trained. He was promoted to 2-dan in 2001, and is now a 3-dan. He is now also a 3-dan pro at the Taiwanese Go institute. In Taiwan, he dominates the pro go scene, together with Lin Zhihan (7d). Lin and Cheon both have 28 wins this year, topping the win-loss table, but Cheon has only 6 losses compared to Lin’s 17. On the other hand, Cheon’s performance in Korea seems poor – he qualified for the SK Gas Cup New Stars tournament, but lost all 5 of his games in League A. This performance is put into perspective when one realises that Cheon’s last 2 victories in the preliminaries of the Samsung Cup were against Yang Chae-ho and Ch’oe Kyu-pyeong, both 9-dan Korean pros: this seemingly poor performance by Cheon can be entirely attributed to the incredible rivalry of the new low-ranked pros, who are often stronger than their higher-ranked counterparts.

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August 30th, 2005

Call for Entries: Fourth Quarter Stellenbosch Handicap Tournament

Players can register for the Stellenbosch 4th Quarter Handicap Tournament now by e-mailing Hugo van der Merwe. Just like the second and third quarter tournaments, it is a Swiss tournament in which the pairings are chosen to minimize the maximum handicap each round.

The entry fee for the tournament is R15, with a R10 discount for SAGA members or players who join SAGA before the tournament, payable by 15 April. R5 from each entry fee will be used as prize money. (Note that SAGA charges R70/R35/R15 for normal/student/scholar membership for 2005. Joining this late in the year is likely not financially advantageous.)

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August 29th, 2005

Amateur claims semi-final berth for ticket into Samsung Cup finals

As mentioned at the end of last week, all the amateurs that had entered the 10th Samsung Cup preliminaries were eliminated in their first match, except 7-dan Korean amateur Kim Namhun. He defeated his first opponent, Taiwanese 1-dan Chen Yixiang, to qualify for a third-round match against top-class Japanese player, 7-dan So Yokoku. Kim eliminated So, proving that his first win was no fluke. He is now in the semi-finals of his division of the prelims, with the winner claiming one of the 16 open spots in the final 32. His next opponent, Furuya Yutaka, is a 7-dan from the Kansai Ki-in (Western Japan Go Institute). Furuya created an upset earlier this year when he eliminated defending champion Kiyonari Tetsuya (9d) in the first round of the Kansai Ki-in 1st place tournament. If Kim wins that match, he will compete for the available slot against either 6-dan Han Jongjin or 7-dan Kim Myeongwan, both Koreans.

Saturday saw the the third-round matches in all 16 divisions of the Samsung Cup preliminaries. I mentioned 2 highlight matches in my previous post: first Ko Geuntae, the Korean 3-dan, eliminated previous LG Cup titleholder, Chinese 9-dan Yu Bin. Then in the Korean youth vs. experience showdown, youth won. An Tal-hun (6d) eliminated Kim Il-hwan (9d).

In the bottom half of the draw, where second round results were finalised on Friday, before Saturday’s third round match, the most noticeable upset was the elimination of top Korean player Seo Bongsoo (9d), by 5-dan Korean Seo Moosang. Kim Daehee (kr, 1d) who eliminated 9-dan Kim Seongryong, continued his good run, beating An Youngkil (kr, 5d) to also claim a semi-final berth for a ticket.

This weekend saw activity on a large number of Japanese domestic tournaments as well. Some of the highlights include: Yamashiro Hiroshi (9d) bt Hikosaka Naoto (9d) to claim a position in the challenger decision match for the Okan title – his opponent will be either Nakane Naoyuki (8d), or Nakano Hironari (9d), from the Kansai Ki-in. Nakano also qualified as a semi-finalist in the Kansai Ki-in 1st place tournament on Thursday by beating 9-dan Yuki Satoshi. Nakano also eliminated Furuya Yutaka along the way to the semi-final.(got spot on thursday). He will face Yamada Noriyoshi(9d) in the semi-final.

On the female Japanese pro scene, Izawa Akino (3d), who earlier eliminated defending champion Shinkai Hiroko (5d) in the 1st round, progressed to the quarter-finals of the Female Strongest tournament by eliminating Ogawa Tomoko(6d) on Thursday. In the Kansai Ladies’ Tournament, Konishi Kazuko (8d) claimed a spot in the final, where she will face either defending champion Yoshida Mika (8d) or Tsukuda Akiko (4d). This other semi-final has been completed, but the result will only be publicly known once the game has been televised on TV Osaka (the main sponsor of the tournament).

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August 29th, 2005

JHB Venue Redux

Just a reminder about JHB’s new venue–Betties Tearoom. For directions, maps, etc. go to

Once you enter 44 Stanley Ave., Betties Tearoom is to the right (you go down a corridor).

If anyone knows how to contact Jonah Sack, please let him know of the venue change. Please tell all of
your friends.

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August 29th, 2005

Victor’s Comments

Victor Chow (7-dan) made comments on my game with Zhou Ya (5-dan). You can download the sgf file here, TT vs ZY.

Click here for online replay

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August 29th, 2005

Stellenbosch Promotion

Congratulations to Wim Conradie, promoted to 29 kyu after winning his second round match in the Stellenbosch Third Quarter Handicap tournament.

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August 27th, 2005

Final round of Stellenbosch 3rd Quarter Handicap

The draw for the 3rd round and the current standings for the Stellenbosch 3rd Quarter Handicap Tournament are available. On the first board we have Johannes vs Louis, Louis has been promoted 4 ranks since the start of the tournament, while Johannes has been promoted 2. Louis is therefore the favourite in this tournament, also the only one to have won two games thus far. If Johannes were to win the game (against 2 handicap stones too many) we will have a tie between the two to be resolved by SOSOS (sum of opponents’ sum of opponents’ scores), and an opportunity for Wim to snatch first place, if he wins his game, also by SOSOS (i.e. the “luck of the draw” would then play a big role).

Wim, the tournament’s 30k player, defeated Johannes in the previous round, and so entered the running for the top positions (and probably guaranteed himself a promotion, as he had two handicap stones too few according to the current ranks). His next game is against Hanno with the aid of 9H and 30 komi. Jaco and Rory have both been promoted one rank since the tournament’s start, but Jaco lost his first game against Daniel, and an unfortunate miscommunication resulted in a loss for both Rory and Daniel in the second round. This leaves first place out of the grasp of all but the top three.

Pairings are now calculated by a script that firstly minimizes the maximum handicap. If there is more than one option, it minimizes the sum of squared handicaps. (All of this happens within the constraint of as good a swiss pairing as possible – minimizing mismatches in scores).

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August 26th, 2005

A move that isn’t joseki

Jaco beat me quite convincingly last night in the Stellenbosch Club First League. Things went pear-shaped on my 4th move where I played a move, mistakenly believing it was joseki and Jaco would play along. Jaco, quite rightly not recognising my move, decided to cut me, and in the end I was saddled with 2 weak groups against a secure corner and one weak group for him. From there, things just got worse for me, as any of the people who watched the game can testify. You can download the sgf of the start of the game, with the correct sequence and Konrad’s suggestion on how to partially recover the situation here.

Click here for online replay

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August 26th, 2005

Samsung cup prelims

The most notable activity yesterday on the pro Go scene was the first spate of second round matches in the Samsung cup preliminaries underway in Seoul. The biggest upset of the day was the elimination of Kim In, one of the top Korean players in the 1980’s (achieved 9-dan in 1983). He was defeated by Kim Jongsoo (a Korean 5-dan).

A few amateurs are allowed to participate in the preliminaries every year, along with all pro’s that wish to take part. Of the 5 amateurs in the tournament, only one is now left standing. The other 4 (3 Koreans and a Chinese) were eliminated in their first match. The last remaining amateur is a Korean 7-dan, Kim Namhun, who defeated Taiwanese 1-dan pro Chen Yixiang to claim a second round match against respected Japanese 7-dan So Yokoku (another Japanese pro originally from China). So currently has the second-most domestic pro wins this year on the Japanese pro scene (30 wins vs 7 losses). As a bit of trivia, So was eliminated in this year’s IGS Rapid Champs by Kono Rin in the quarterfinals, the round after Kono eliminated Victor. In any case, Kim will have to be a very talented amateur to pull off a victory against So.

Two of the more interesting showdowns in the coming third round matches: first the rising Korean star, 3-dan Ko Geuntae (a semi-finalist in this year’s Osram Cup) will face established Chinese 9-dan and former winner of the LG Cup, Yu Bin; second two top-class Korean players An Tal-hun (6d) and Kim Il-hwan (9d) will play each other. 25-year old An, who was born in America, represented Korea in the Nongshim Cup (World Team Championships), and challenged Ch’oe Ch’eol-han for his Ch’eonweon title last year. Kim, one of the pro teachers on the DashN Go server , reached 9 dan in 1999, at age 43, and competed for the Korean Pro Senior title last year, losing 2-1 in the final.

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