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December 28th, 2005

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Rank Changes

Congratulations to Serdyn du Toit, who has been promoted to 21k.

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December 27th, 2005


The spam is getting a problem again , unfortunately both people able to do something about it , Steve and Jaco are on holiday…

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December 23rd, 2005

Kono Rin grabs Tengen; Chinen on a roll


Most of today’s pro news is taken up by stage 2 of the ladies’ team tournament, the Jeongganjang Cup. At the last update, Chinese newcomer, 1-dan Wang Xiangyun, was dominating the tournament with 5 successive victories to her name. However, Monday saw her eventual defeat at the hands of Korean 4-dan Lee Min-jin. On Tuesday, Lee faced Japan’s Female Kisei, Chinen Kaori (4p), where Chinen scored a lucky half-point win. Chinen continued to dominate for the rest of the week, scoring victories by resignation on Wednesday and Thursday, against China’s 1-dan Fan Weijing, and Korea’s Lee Yeong-sin (4p). Today, Chinen Kaori faces China’s Rui Naiwei. At this stage, Korea and Japan have both lost 3 players, with China leading the tournament with only 2 losses. After today’s match, there will be another break before the final stage in Shanghai in 2006.

A new team tournament between China and Taiwan, the Yayi Cup, was held this week from Tuesday to Thursday. 5-player teams faced each other 3 times, with opponents changing each round. China won 13 of the 15 games, with only Zhou Junxun (9p) and Lin Zhihan (7p) of Taiwan managing to score victories for Taiwan: Zhou defeated China’s #3 player, Zhou Heyang (9p), while Lin ousted China’s #5 player, 8-dan Wang Lei. The rest of Team China was Yu Bin, Wang Xi and Huang Yizhong, while Team Taiwan was filled up by Chen Shien, Xia Daming and Ziao Zhenghao.


The Japanese Go news for this week is that Kono Rin has taken his first “Big Seven” title by defeating Yamashita Keigo 3-2 in the Tengen title match. Kono, who turned pro less than 10 years ago, also gains promotion to 8-dan for his victory. South Africans should know Kono as “that bloke who eliminated RoseDuke from the IGS Rapid Champs.”


Yi Se-tol defeated 8-dan Yun Hyun-seok to win the loser’s bracket of the 49th Korean Kuksu challenger decision tournament. He will now face Yi Ch’ang-ho in the best-of-3 challenger decision match. The winner there will face current title-holder Ch’oe Ch’eol-han in the final, so whoever wins, we’re in for a cracker of a final as well.

It seems the format for the Etland King of Kings Cup has been modified from previous years, but the details on how the next years’ tournament will be structured are not yet clear. What is clear is that 4 16-player knockouts are being held as preliminary qualifiers for some later stage, with the winner of each knockout proceeding. It seems as if one of the knockout pools features only women, including Rui Naiwei, Pak Chi-eun and Cho Hye-yeon, the 3 strongest female players in Korea. These knock-outs kicked off on Wednesday, with first round matches scheduled from Wednesday until today. The quarter-finals will be on Monday, and semi-finals on Wednesday. The finals are not yet scheduled. In the female knock-out, Russian Svetlana Shikshina was eliminated by fellow 1-dan Lee Hajin, and Pak Chi-eun faced Cho Hye-yeon in the first round, with Cho emerging victorious. Rui Naiwei and Kim Eunsun also proceeded to the next round. The only first round game in the pool not completed was Lee Minjin’s match, since she was facing Chinen Kaori in the Jeongganjang Cup when the rest of the matches were being played.

I said on Monday that a re-match would be held this weekend to resolve the tie between Team Bohe and Team Holy Construction in the final of the Korean Baduk League, but my information was incorrect. What actually happened was a play-off between the two team leaders on Monday: in that match, between Team Bohe’s Ch’oe Ch’eol-han and Team Holy Construction’s Pak Yeong-hun, Pak forced Ch’oe to resign, grabbing victory in the 2005 league for Team Holy Construction.

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December 23rd, 2005

Stellenbosch committee meeting minutes available

The minutes of the first meeting of the 2005/2006 Stellenbosch Go Club committee held on 15 September are now available on the website on the Stellenbosch Go Club committee meeting minutes page.

If you have queries on the minutes, please contact our secretary, Rory Beling. If you wish anything to be discussed at our next meeting in late January, please contact the club president, Steve Kroon.

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December 23rd, 2005

Rank changes

Congratulations for the following 3 players who have been promoted: Serdyn (22k), Hugo (9k), Lloyd (3k).

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December 23rd, 2005


Hi folks.

I’m away from today until 8 January. I’ll probably put up a pro news update before I leave, but the next one will only be on the next Friday the 13th, barring things going wrong 😉

If things go wrong with the site, phone or SMS me on 084 458 8062. I probably won’t be able to do much, but we’ll see what I can do.

Otherwise, have a good Christmas, everyone, and best wishes for a good 2006.

Please keep Aketa-sensei busy and looked after while I’m gone…

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December 22nd, 2005

Wiki Upgrade completed

OK, I’ve upgraded from PhpWiki 1.2 to 1.3.11. This means:

  • Support for user logins
  • Support for plugins, including a calendar plugin which we can hopefully use later to replace the one on the sidebar, so anyone can add and change dates
  • A plugin for redirection
  • Theme support, providing a more professional look, and allowing easier customising
  • InterWiki support for linking to other wikis easier
  • Support for page types, I believe, although I haven’t got that working yet
  • RSS Feed for recent changes
  • Plenty more of nifty things

I’ll be away from tomorrow, so I’ll only be able to start fixing, tweaking, cusomising etc. when I get back around 9 January. In the meantime, go ahead and post. I really shouldn’t have to delete content when I return.

If you do want to create and edit pages, please follow some important guidelines:

  • Please create all pages using CamelCase, i.e. each word in the page title should begin with a capital letter, and there should be no spaces in the title. It looks gaudy, but it’s currently the best way to prevent multiple copies of the same page with different info on it.
  • Figure out how to use the redirect-to plugin.
  • Inline images are disabled, because of the server’s status as a web server for Stellenbosch University. This means the server cannot retrieve documents from other machines, due to its configuration.
  • Did I mention, create all pages with CamelCase? Please check carefully before creating a page.
  • There’s more documentation on the Wiki itself – if you’re unsure, look around

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December 22nd, 2005


After last week’s games at the Stellenbosch and Cape Town clubs, Serdyn du Toit has been promoted to 23k

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December 21st, 2005

Wiki added to site

At the top of the menu on the right hand side of the page, you’ll see a new link “SAGC Wiki“. A wiki is a style of website where pages can be created, edited and modified by anyone. The most well-known example of a Wiki is Wikipedia, while Sensei’s Library is the best-known wiki in “Go-land”.

The idea of adding a wiki to the site is that some pages make more sense if more people can access and modify them than just the author. Such pages can be created on the wiki and linked to from the rest of the site. Members of South African Go clubs are also encouraged to create their own pages on the wiki, providing information about themselves and their Go-playing habits…

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December 20th, 2005

Explanation of the SAGC ranking system

An explanation for the SAGC ranking system is available. It was updated to reflect the latest changes in the ranking system many weeks ago, but the examples have not been updated yet. The outdated examples have been removed for now, until I have the time/opportunity and inclination to update them. (Comments/encouragements go a long way to aid “inclination”, but time and opportunity have to present themselves independently.)

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