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April 21st, 2006

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Rank Changes

After the last two weeks, the following rank changes have occured:

Ben – promoted twice to 13k
Flo – promoted to 6k
Rory – promoted to 5k
Adrian – demoted to 16k

Congratulations to all that have been promoted.

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April 19th, 2006

Rank changes and New Members

I added in the past week’s game records, as well as a host of old (March ’06), previously unentered records from the Soweto club.

Firstly welcome to two new members on the rating system, Welile Maliwa (30k) and Mlungisi Sikhosana (30k).

Congratulations to the following players who have been promoted:
Tshepo Ramphomane, two ranks to 28k
Brian Huma to 20k
Mussa Diphafe, three ranks to 19k
Riccardo Kaiser, two ranks to 14k
Kabelo Suping, three ranks to 15k
Mlungisi Sikhosana to 29k
Tumi Huma, three ranks to 27k
Mogale Legae, two ranks to 28k
William Legae to 25k
Busang Monene to 15k

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April 18th, 2006

New venue for Durban Club

Peter Charter writes:

Four of us sussed out the Welcome Chair in the Musgrave centre Wednesday Evening.

Consensus seemed to be that, although the cost of “game sustennance” was about double the beach, it was a far more civilised and pleasant place to play. Also, over Easter, the beach-front is a bit chaotic. Having a full bar is pleasant! The only problem is that it is not open Tuesday evenings, and Wednesday is a problem for Peter Strauss, and he has been playing regularly.

But, for the next few weeks, we will try it out. There may be a problem in the long term if it becomes more popular and it becomes generally known that they are open evenings, but we can face that if and when it happens. I checked with the bosses and they were very happy for us to be there – there
was plenty of space. It is in a bit of an “oxbow lake” out of the main stream at Musgrave.

So, for the next few weeks.

Welcome Chair, Adjacent to Stuttafords, Musgrave Centre level 2 – (Under
CNA, Over Pick ‘n Pay)
6:30 – 7:00 pm


Bad news is that our new venue at Musgrave, which was lekka, has decided not
to stay open evenings. Owner assures me that it was in spite of our presence
and not as a result of it. She says we are welcome to squat at the venue
but there will be no pub/restaurant.

I suggest we reconvene back at the North Beach Steers on TUESDAYS at 6:30pm
again until we can find another venue – at least the bedlam of the North
Beach Easter will have abated.

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April 18th, 2006

Soweto Open this coming weekend

The 2006 Soweto Go Open Championship is being held this Sunday, 23 April. The organiser of the tournament is Sipho Mampe. If you intend to participate, and aren’t a member of the Soweto Go club, you should let him know beforehand that you want to play (phone: 084 7888 177, email:


Entrance fee: R20 (R15 for students, R10 for scholars), with a R5 discount for SAGA members.

Venue: Kopanong Community Hall, Dobsonville (contact Sipho if you need directions).

Time: 45 minutes thinking time each, plus Canadian byo-yomi of 20 stones in 5 minutes.

Round 1 – 09H30
Lunch – 12H00
Round 2 – 13H00
Round 3 – 15H30

Winner – Gold medal & a floating trophy
Second – Silver medal
Third – Bronze medal
There will also be a prize for the lower ranked players, as well as a spot prize.

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April 18th, 2006

Use another e-mail address

For the next “up to 7 working days”, my computer will be in the hands of the Acer Warranty Team. This means it will be mighty inconvenient for me to read e-mails to – so if you want to e-mail me in the next week, please send the mail to Thanks.

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April 18th, 2006

Check this out

Mace Lee of found this game where two top-level amateurs play out a ladder which doesn’t work. Another cool thing about it is that there’s the potential for the ladder to extend into a backward ladder, as well.

And on the pro news front, Yamada Kimio won the 3-player play-off to become the next challenger for the Honinbo title.

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April 18th, 2006

Website down on Easter weekend

I hope everyone had an enjoyable break over Easter weekend, and welcome back. Our website also took a break, which lasted a little longer than expected. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused. Our domain hosts were upgrading the electrical supply to the building, and as a result had to shut down our server. When the servers came back up, there was a delay before the databases which help run the website were restarted.

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April 13th, 2006

Final Call for Entries: Stellenbosch 2nd Quarter Handi

Players can register for the Stellenbosch 2nd Quarter Handicap Tournament now by e-mailing Hugo van der Merwe. It is a Swiss tournament in which the pairings are chosen to minimize the maximum handicap each round. (Last quarter had 13 entries evenly spread over 4k to 30k, which resulted in 4 games with >=9H.)

The entry fee for the tournament is R15, with a R10 discount for SAGA members or players who join SAGA before the tournament, payable by 19 April. R5 from each entry fee will be used as prize money. (Note that SAGA charges R80/R35/R20 for normal/student/scholar membership for 2006, providing discounts on e.g. books and tournaments for the rest of the year.)

Prize money will be split evenly between all players obtaining 3 wins in the tournament, so, the more the merrier! The winner with the highest SOS (or SOSOS if needed) will still be named the winner of the tournament.

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April 10th, 2006

New Members and Rank Changes

Welcome to three new members on the ranking system: William Legoe added as 26k, Solomon Mosepedi added as 30k and Mogale Legae added as 30k.

Following recent games at the Soweto Club, congratulations to the following people who were all promoted:
Zaine Deane to 16k
Kabelo Suping to 18k
Riccardo Kaiser who was demoted to 17k, but then promoted to 16k again
Busang Monene who was promoted two ranks to 16k
Ricky Pilane who was also promoted two ranks to 15k
Mussa Diphafe to 22k
Solomon Mosepedi to 29k
Brian Huma to 21k

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April 10th, 2006

New Go discussion forum and newsletter

Alexandre Dinerchtein, a Russian pro 1-dan at the Korean Go Institute, has launched a go discussion forum at He’s also started an e-mail newsletter, GoAma, where he discusses the latest news on the pro scene, including interviews, discussion of new moves, and so on. has been added to our link list on the left menu, under Resources.

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