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May 31st, 2006

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Julius ends at #50

Unfortunately, Julius was not able to claim victory in his final game, meaning he ended up with 3 wins in 8 games and a final position of 50th out of 68 participants. Nevertheless, the only other South Africans to achieve more than 3 wins before are Ben Gale and Victor Chow, so this is still a good performance by Julius – congratulations!

Hiraoka Satoshi, who lost a game on time earlier in the tournament (because he expected the clock to beep before his time expired), managed to defeat the Chinese 13 year old Tang Wei Xing in the final round, thus claiming victory in the tournament by 1 point of SOS. This is Hiraoka’s second victory in the WAGC – his first was in 1994. Third place went to Cho T’ae-won of DPR Korea, while Korea’s Hong Man-ki claimed fourth. America’s 8-dan, Joey Hung, claimed the highest position by a non-Oriental country (6th), while 2-dan Ting Yu Yen of Singapore ended 18th.

The other African countries participating, Madagascar and Morocco, finished 61st and 62nd respectively.

2 of the 3 new countries at the tournament had comparable performances to Julius, with Cyprus’s Demetris Regginos ending 48th, and Aliaksandr Suponeu of Belarus placing 51st. Azerbaijan, the other newcomer, ended 66th, just ahead of Armenia and Panama.

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May 31st, 2006

Pieter Mioch reports on WAGC for GoGoD

Check out the report in their New In Go section.

His day 2 commentary discusses Julius’ round 1 game against Diego Ortiz of Ecuador.

Note that there’s a picture of Julius playing Pair Go on the Day 1 pictures, there’s a picture featuring James Davies (author of some books in the Elementary Go Series) on the Day 2 pictures.

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but it certainly looks worthwhile if you want to know what’s going on there 😉

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May 31st, 2006

Another victory for Julius

Julius Paulu, South Africa’s representative at the 27th World Amateur Go Championships in Sasebo, Japan, claimed his 3rd win in the seventh round of the tournament this morning.

He defeated 1-dan Juan Pablo Schweitzer Kirsinger, the Chilean representative, to shift up to 48th position. So far, Julius, a 1-dan himself, has only been pitted against dan-level players, and has beaten all 3 of his 1-dan opponents. All of his other opponents have been 3-dan or stronger.

Julius’ opponent in the final round being held this afternoon is Cuba’s Antonio Fernandez Caballero. Antonio, a 3-dan, is taking part in his 3rd WAGC.

The 8 opponents Julius faced in the WAGC are thus the representatives from Ecuador (he won), Brazil, Austria, Luxembourg (he won), Croatia, New Zealand, Chile (he won), and Cuba (result pending).

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May 31st, 2006

Another opening commented by Roseduke

Many thanks to Victor Chow for taking the time to review these openings. This game is a Stellenbosch first league game between Steve Kroon, then 3 kyu, and Rory Beling, 5 kyu.

Download the SGF here.

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May 31st, 2006

Rank Changes

Joburg Go ClubCongratulations to Carle Joubert who was promoted to 13k following last night’s Jo’burg games.

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May 30th, 2006

Stellenbosch 2nd Quarter Handi completed

The 2nd Quarter Handicap Tournament is finished, and the final standings are available.

With David Richfield winning the second handicap tournament in a row, both at 6k, he must have been underranked, a theory supported by his recent promotion shortly after the tournament.

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May 29th, 2006

Roseduke comments an opening

Many thanks to Victor Chow for these comments on an opening from one of my games against Charl du Plessis in the Stellenbosch First League. (Note that some of the comments are mine, most of Victor’s are prefixed by “RoseDuke:”).

Opening of Steve Kroon vs Charl du Plessis.

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May 29th, 2006

SA Internet Go

Monday nights are SA Internet Go nights – please try to be there if you’re a South African internet player. For more details, visit the SA Internet Go page.

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May 29th, 2006

WAGC news

Update from Japan: Julius won his first round game against Diego German ALBUJA ORTIZ from Ecuador, follwed by losses against Alexandre AMARO DE SOUZA from Brazil and Bernhard SCHEID from Austria. Round 4 will be against Ngoc Cuong NGUYEN from Luxembourg. Here is the record of the first round game, courtesy of the Nihon Ki-in website:

WAGC2006 Rd1: Paulu vs Ortiz (online replay here).

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May 26th, 2006

Julius Paulu in Japan

News from Japan: Julius Paulu has arrived safely to represent South Africa
in the 27th World Amateur Go Championships. The tournament will open
officially tomorrow (Saturday), with two rounds being played per day from
Sunday to Wednesday. More details at

Best of luck, Julius!

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