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July 28th, 2006

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John-Paul promoted

Congratulations to John-Paul Harper, who has been promoted to 16k after last night’s club games.

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July 27th, 2006

English Hikaru no Go anime episodes online

The English anime of the Hikaru no Go series (which helped revitalize Go in Japan amongst the youth) has started to be released on DVD in the last 7 months. The first 3 DVDs are available on Amazon for about $20 each, plus shipping.

For those of you with more modest budgets, but with Windows, and an ADSL internet connection, there seems to be another option. The folks from America’s “Cartoon Network” are releasing the episodes on one of their websites, “Toonami Jetstream”. So far, the first two episodes are available. But it seems each episode is only available for a certain amount of time.

To view the site, you need a new version of flash and Windows media player. The only supported browser is Internet Explorer. Another catch is that if you try to view the anime, it tells you it only shows it to browsers in America. Reports indicate that if you wait for about 5 minutes, you should get your anime in spite of this message…

Report your experiences with this site by leaving comments on this post for other people who want to try it out, please.

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July 26th, 2006

Updated Player Statistics

The player statistics database has been updated. It now includes the 2nd quarter internet tournaments as well as results from the 2006 SA Contenders tournament. Since the stats were last updated, Lloyd Rubidge’s spectacular losing streak has finally ended, and Chris Visser has come from nowhere to head up the ‘best players as white’ ranking list.

Note that some statistics exclude certain strong players (e.g. Victor Chow) as they have not played enough games.

Check out the latest statistics here

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July 26th, 2006

Cape Town Promotion

Congratulations to Steven Dawson, promoted to 18k after last night’s games at the Cape Town club.

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July 25th, 2006

Change to permalinks

I’ve updated the site from its horrible old “?p=xyz”-and-so-on page structure to one that’s easier to read and understand. This will mean some broken links, so if you find any, PLEASE leave a comment on this post.

Also, some of the link names aren’t permanent. Things are still in the formative stage, so I’ll be changing names of subdirectories etc, to make navigating using them easier.

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July 24th, 2006

Lessons in Ko

So I was observing games on (some of us don’t run Windows, so we have to find alternative venues to CyberOro for high-quality games), when I saw this game between two 8-dans.

Since I’m a non-paying visitor to the site (membership costs something like 5-10 dollars per year), I can just observe games. I can’t play, chat, or even save games. I created the sgf above by replaying the game in the KGS client, because I thought it was worthy educational material.

There are no comments, but there are 2 lessons in ko which weaker players can learn from this game, and which will drive home the point to slightly stronger kyu-players.

The first is: a seki can be a generous source of ko threats (for one or both players).

The second is: being one liberty behind in a big capturing race is a good source of ko threats, so if you are in this position, all hope is not lost. (Also: if you ignore a ko threat in this situation, you may make a loss, but you are again in the driving seat when it comes to ko threats.)

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July 18th, 2006

Cyberoro Game Server

I’ve been investigating the Cyberoro game server recently. Overall I’ve been impressed. Despite some quirks, it is a great opportunity to play against some very strong players with a style quite different to what you typically encounter on KGS.

There are many, many players available, and its very easy to get a game. At any time, you are likely to be able to watch some of the world’s top amateurs playing, and many professional games are broadcast. The GUI is functional – not as good as KGS, but perfectly OK once you get used to it.

The players are largely from Korea, but many also from China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand.

Note that it is for Windows only, and you’ll have to install the Korean language pack to make it work (despite the interface being in English). You can register (for free) and download the client here

One final quirk is that it saves the game records in “ngf” format – fortunately a converter to sgf is available here. This a web-based converter, and does not appear to support Firefox (I could only get it working with IE)

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July 17th, 2006

South African Pair Go Championship

Dear All,

You are invited to enter the 2006 South African Pair Go Championship, the
winner of which will represent South Africa at the 17th International
Amateur Pair Go Championship to be held on 17-21 November in Tokyo.

Pair Go is played between teams consisting of one female and one male player,
and traditionally places high emphasis on off-the-board and cultural
aspects of the game such as etiquette, sporting behaviour, inter-cultural
communication and the like. The Japan Pair Go Association has been
organising the International Amateur Pair Go Championship for many years,
and this year they have invited South Africa to send a pair to

The date and format of the South African Pair Go Championship will be
decided later, and will depend on the number, location and available
dates of entrants. Entries are invited from pairs of players, one female
and one male, who are available to represent South Africa on the
abovementioned dates. Both members of each pair should be paid-up members
of SAGA, citizens of South Africa and available to participate from the same

Please enter by emailing me (Konrad Scheffler )
with the details of both members of the pair, by 31 July at the latest. Entrants who have previously contacted Victor Chow to enter this event should please also contact me.

Konrad Scheffler

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July 17th, 2006

Candidates 2006 completed

Thanks to all who participated in the Candidates this weekend (15-16 July). We had 8 players on the Saturday – Andrew Davies, Sipho Mampe, Lloyd Rubidge, Leander Gaum, Reinhardt Messerschmidt, Steve Kroon, David Richfield and Rory Beling. Sipho on 3/3 went through to Sunday, and was joined by Lloyd, Rory and Andrew all on 2/3.

On Sunday they met up with the 4 seeded players: Cheng Lai, Tristen Taylor, Julius Paulu and Paul Edwards; to decide who the 4 players would be to go through to the Contenders stage of the SA closed championships. Cheng Lai won through on 3/3, and he will be joined by Sipho, Julius and Paul who all ended on 2/3.

The Contenders will be played on the weekend of 23-25 September.

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July 14th, 2006

New players at Stellenbosch club

We welcome 2 new players to the rating system. Michael Wang is a 1-dan who is visiting for a few months from China, and has visited us before. Sakol Pojpatinya is a Thai player, and has been assigned a rating of 20 kyu.

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