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August 31st, 2006

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JHB Go Club Might Move, Again

Joburg Go club logoRegarding the proposed move of the JHB Go Club to the Mugg & Bean in Rosebank Mall.

Dave is arranging with Mugg & Bean for the move. He says that M&B is happy to hold the sets. Dave will come back with further details.

If you oppose this move and are a member of JHB Go Club, now is the time to speak up.

Note: This issue has been discussed on the JHB mailing list at length, with no one opposing the move yet. Please use JHB mailing list for any comments.

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August 29th, 2006

Club ladder updated

Christina Auret and PW Butler have been added to the club ladder, and the Stellenbosch open and later games have been added. We now have 20 players on the ladder. Congratulations to Andre Connell, who knocked me from the top of the ladder on 5 August. The question is if he can hang on to it through the Internet Champs next week: Konrad’s out for his blood after losing to him in the Stellenbosch Open, and it’s almost inevitable he’ll also be seeded into Group 1 with Andre.

Link to ladder.

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August 29th, 2006


First off, the Cape Town club welcomes Trevor Hill, a 23-kyu who’s a colleague of Andrew Davies.

Congratulations on promotions go to Markus Jager, who has reached 11 kyu, and Louis de Jager, 15 kyu.

In the Western Cape Closed, Bernard Broens defeated Chris Welsh to claim victory in the winners’ bracket of the preliminary tournament to claim one of the 2 open spots in the Western Cape Meijin Challenger’s League. Chris is still in the running in the losers’ bracket, where his remaining competition is David Richfield, Jaco Swanepoel and Steve Kroon.

In the World Go Oza, Yang Shi-hai of Hong Kong won the Africa/Oceania/Rest-of-Asia playoff for the final open berth of the main tournament, which means Victor Chow and Guo Yi Ming (of Oceania) have been eliminated. I don’t have any further information, but will post any news I get later.

Finally, news is South Africa has been invited to another world amateur championship supported by the International Go Federation – this one’s hosted in Korea, in the city of Incheon, and seems to be run on a very similar basis to the WAGC. The SAGA council is currently finalising the selection guidelines, with the current proposal being to employ the same credit points system used for the WAGC.

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August 28th, 2006

Pair go results

The 2006 South African Pair Go Championship was held on Sunday 27 August.
There were three pairs of entrants: Christina Auret and Steve Kroon
(plaing from Stellenbosch); Carle Joubert and Ben Gale (playing from
Johannesburg); and Liesl Gini and Chris Visser (playing from Guilin,
China). The tournament was played over the internet, and held as a
knockout event with the pair with the highest average rank (Carle and Ben)
seeded through into the second round.

Round one saw Liesl and Chris beating Christina and Steve by resignation.
They then repeated their feat by beating Carle and Ben by a large margin
in the final. Congratulations therefore to Liesl Gini and Chris Visser,
who qualify to represent South Africa in the world championships!

Keep your eyes on the website where some pictures should be available

Update by Steve: The games of the tournament are available in this zip file. And a correction: as Chris pointed out on the SAGA mailing list, he and Liesl won their second game on time. Pictures not up yet, but hopefully in time.

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August 18th, 2006

Games van gistraand

Die resultate van gistraand se games kan na my gestuur word. Ek sal dit insit. (E-mail:jaco dot swanepoel at gmail dot com)

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August 18th, 2006

Third Quarter Handicap Cancellation for this Saturday

Due to a lack of support the proposed Third Quarter Handicap Tournament, posted for the 19/07/2006 has been postponed until further notice.
For more information on this tournament click here.
For info on the handicap tournaments in general, click here.

Update by Steve Kroon: this tournament has been cancelled. If you wish to play in a Stellenbosch Handicap Tournament, wait for the fourth quarter tournament.

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August 10th, 2006


OK, folks – I’m away for the next 2 and a half weeks. Getting married on Saturday. If there are problems with the site, please ask Jaco Swanepoel if he can help you. (E-mail:jaco dot swanepoel at gmail dot com). If it’s not urgent, send me an e-mail, and I’ll try to attend to it when I get back.

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August 10th, 2006

Stellenbosch Handicap Tournament

Entries open: Right Now.
Entries close: 7:30 Saturday 19 August 2006.

Round 1 : 8:00 to 10:00
Round 2 : 10:45 to 12:45
Round 3 : 14:00 to 16:00

Final results, 16:45

If you want to take part in the tournament, e-mail Ben at or leave a comment on this post.

This tournament will be a Swiss tournament, where we will attempt to ensure handicaps are small.
There will be three (3) rounds.
Players tied for first place will split the prize money.
We are organising clocks, there will be time limits.
For more information on this tournament click here.
For info on the handicap tournaments in general, click here.

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August 7th, 2006

Rank changes

We were pleased to welcome a new 2-kyu to the rating system at the Stellenbosch Open, Marco Dellermann. Marco is a 16-year-old German who has moved to South Africa, and lives in Cape Town. He plays on KGS as “Urlaub”.

Steve Kroon was promoted to 3-kyu after managing an upset win against Marco in the second round, while Andries Kruger is, I believe, the first person to end a game on 999 index, where he finished the tournament just short of a promotion.

Other upsets in the tournament were Andre Connell defeating Konrad Scheffler, and Reinhardt Messerschmidt beating Marco in the first round, and Andrew Davies beating Michael Wang in the third round in the match to decide the tournament winner.

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August 5th, 2006

Andrew Davies wins Stellenbosch Open

Congratulations to Andrew Davies, who became the 2006 (and first ever) Stellenbosch Go Champion. Second and third were Michael Wang and Andre Connell, respectively, while Rory Beling and Andries Kruger also bagged certificates for achieving the top placement in the 5k-10k and 11k-15k categories, respectively. Andrew was the only player to win all three games. The complete results are:

Num Name Str R 1 R 2 R 3 MMS SOS SSS NbV Pt.
1 Andrew Davies 1K 5+b0 6+w0 2+b0 29 82 252 3 3
2 Michael Wang 1D 8+b0 3+w0 1-w0 28 84 243 2 2
3 Andre Connell 2K 4+w0 2-b0 5+b0 28 83 248 2 2
4 Konrad Scheffler 1D 3-b0 9+w0 6+b0 28 80 247 2 2
5 Steve Kroon 4K 1-w0 7+b0 3-w0 27 84 244 1 1
6 Reinhardt Messerschmidt 4K 7+w0 1-b0 4-w0 27 84 241 1 1
7 Marco Dellermann 2K 6-b0 5-w0 10+w0 27 79 243 1 1
8 Rory Beling 5K 2-w0 11+w0 9+b0 27 78 235 2 2
9 Charl du Plessis 6K 10+w0 4-b0 8-w0 25 80 233 1 1
10 Florian Breuer 6K 9-b0 12+w2 7-b0 25 75 219 1 1
11 Hugo van der Merwe 7K 13+w2 8-b0 14+w5 25 71 200 2 2
12 Andries Kruger 11K 14+b0 10-b2 13+w0 21 60 197 2 2
13 Christina Auret 11K 11-b2 14+w0 12-b0 20 61 192 1 1
14 Adrian Thom 13K 12-w0 13-b0 11-b5 17 61 192 0 0

See also the tournament website.

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