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May 29th, 2007

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Article on Victor’s game vs Andy Liu in AGA news

You can check out the report on the 379-move(!) game that was decided by half a point on the AGA website’s news page. To quote: “Chow won by half a point and collapsed in relief…”. Andy responded to Victor’s unusual opening really quickly, and in the end, Victor was in byo-yomi while Andy had an hour of his 90 minutes still remaining.

The link also features a commented version of the game, with input from a 3-dan professional, it seems.

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May 29th, 2007

Go, Victor, Go!!!

I am pleased to report that Victor has defeated the American representative, Andy Liu to move up to 19th position. To give an indication of the poor tie-break situation Victor is contending with, we can note that despite him and Andy now each having one loss, Andy is placed fifth in the tournament because his early opponents have been strong. Since his loss was later in the tournament, it is likely he will never be paired against more players in the bottom half of the draw.

None of the elite Western nations achieved a win in the previous round, and the tourney is now topped by China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. China and Taiwan square off in the next round, as do Korea and Japan.

Victor’s next opponent is the 6-dan Czech, Ondrej Silt, a former insei. We wish him luck.

Further, there is good news for Morocco: Hatime Araki pulled off one of two minor upsets in the fourth round, with a win over the Norwegian 2-dan, Oeystein Vestgaarden. Morocco is now placed 47th, but Madagascar suffered a fourth round loss and is now placed 58th.

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May 29th, 2007

Victor wins third match, up against tourney leader next

After a 3rd round victory against Venezuela’s 1-kyu Eric Pacheco, Victor is just back into the top half of the field, at 34th. Next he is up against the US representative and current tournament leader, 9th seed Zhiyuan “Andy” Liu – the 4th round is scheduled for this afternoon. Andy is a 16-year old high school student from New York, and is entered in the tournament as a 6 dan.

The third round was all in all a good one for Africa, with Madagascar and Morocco, the other 2 nations from Africa participating both recording wins as well. Morocco’s Hatime Araki (1d) scored his first victory against Ecuador’s Oswaldo Moreano (1d) (who beat SA’s Leander Gaum in last year’s Korean Prime Minister’s Cup), and Madagascar’s Mamy Rakotoarisoa (1d) bt the Indian representative Mandish Singh (1d). Hatime’s game is available on the tournament’s kifu page:

The top 6 seeds are still all unbeaten, while the 8th seed, Hong Kong suffered his first loss against China this round.

This round saw 7 games going against the tournament seeding. 5 saw results going against rank, and 3 of those were more than one rank apart. First, the representative for Cyprus, a 4-kyu, will be pleased at getting a dan-level scalp: he defeated the Bosnia-Herzegovina representative, a shodan. In the low-dan’s there were two instances of a 2-dan defeating a 4-dan: the Swiss representative upset the Thai representative, and the Finn rookie Otso Ilmari Alanko will be pleased at a win over Belgian third-timer Jan Bogaerts. (Of course, Victor beat the Bosnian representative in the second round, so his upset loss will further penalize Victor’s SOS).

The next round is the first major round of Western elite vs Oriental clashes: among the undefeated players, the next round comprises: Korea vs Romania’s Cristian Pop, Taiwan vs Argentina’s Fernando Aguilar, Japan vs the Czech Ondrej Silt, and China vs Canada’s Jing Yang. I think among these Western players, my money would have to be on Fernando to cause an upset.

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May 28th, 2007

Victor’s third match against a 1-kyu

Victor’s first match tomorrow will be against a 1-kyu from Venezuela. His opponent was one of only 3 players to score an upset in the tournament so far, defeating the Costa Rican representative, a 2-dan, in the first round. Despite that, Victor should have no trouble dealing with him.

Unfortunately for Victor, this pairing means that his SOS is likely to be even further damaged, with his opponent seeded 63rd. As such, it is probable that if Victor finishes with 6 or 7 wins, he will have the lowest SOS among the players with the same score (i.e. he would place last on the tiebreaker).

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May 28th, 2007

WAGC update

While it’s not at all clear what the conditions surrounding Victor Chow’s first round loss to Swedish 3-dan, Erik Ouchterlony, were, we are pleased to report that Victor has a second round victory to his name now. Victor’s second round opponent was a shodan from Bosnia. Normally, both players should be walkovers for a player of Victor’s skill, but with speculation about his first round loss, the outcome of the second round was eagerly awaited.

Meanwhile, the Swedish representative lost to the Czech representative, former insei Ondrej Silt, who is now placed in tied 1st, along with Argentinian Fernando Aguilar.

Victor is currently placed 49th in a field of 68. If Victor performs extremely well from here on in, a 6 of 8 will probably place him in the top 10. However, even if he wins all his games, his first round loss against a relatively weak player (by top WAGC standards) will almost inevitably prevent a tournament win on SOS tiebreak – if there isn’t a player who scores straight wins. So far, Victor is the only player among the top 16 seeds to have suffered an upset – Victor was seeded 7th, behind Fernando Aguilar, Cristian Pop, and the four nations with active pro circuits.

PS: If anyone has info on Victor’s first-round loss, or links to game records, I’d appreciate anything I can get at this stage.

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May 28th, 2007

Victor loses first round match

The South African representative at the WAGC, Victor Chow, lost his first round match against the Swedish representative. The results can be monitored here: WAGC results

Update from Steve: The American Go Association newsletter reports that Victor’s first round loss was by half a point.

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May 24th, 2007

SA Closed championships 2007

The following players have qualified to play in the SA closed 2007. They should please contact me to let me know if they are available to play in the candidates/contenders, where applicable.

The players seeded to play in the Contenders are:
Victor Chow,
Ben Gale,
Cheng Lai,
Konrad Scheffler.

The players seeded to play in the 2nd day of the Candidates are:
Welile Gogotshe,
Sipho Mampe,
Julius Paulu,
Paul Edwards.

The players seeded to play in the 1st day of the Candidates are:
Andrew Davies,
Andre Connell,
Steve Kroon,
Reinhardt Messerschmidt,
Bernard Broens,
Rory Beling,
Lloyd Rubidge,
Tristen Taylor.

Should any of the above players not be able to play, everyone below that player will shift up one space in the list, and the reserves chosen will be in order:
Guillaume Binet,
Charl du Plessis,
Florian Breuer,
Chris Welsh,
Hugo van der Merwe,
Sakkie Buys,
James Gelant,
Andries Kruger.

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May 22nd, 2007

2nd Quarter Internet 2007

This will take place on KGS on the 16th of June. If you’re interested, click here.

I’ll be posting a list of, and contacting people who qualified for the SA closed soon.

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May 19th, 2007

Pictures from Cape Town Open

Some pictures from the Cape Town Open (gallery)

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May 19th, 2007

Andrew wins 2007 Cape Town Open

Congratulations to Andrew Davies, winner of the 2007 Cape Town. Andrew won all his game (against Reinhardt, Steve and Bernard) to run out a comfortable winner. Congratulations also in particular to Rory Beling and James Gelant, who also won all three of their games. Rory beat two 2k players and as a result was promoted from 5k to 4k. Lloyd was demoted to 3k.

There was a particularly good turnout this year despite the clash with popular sporting events such as the rugby and football. Fifteen players participated, including 11 single digit kyu’s, evidence of the growing strength of the Western Cape go players.

Cape Town Open 2007

Num Name Str Co Club R 1 R 2 R 3 MMS SOS SSS Pt.
1 Davies Andrew 1K SA CT 3+w0 2+b0 4+b0 30 85 238 3
2 Kroon Steve 1K SA STB 16+b0 1-w0 6+w0 29 67 241 2
3 Messerschmidt Reinhardt 2K SA STB 1-b0 4+w0 5-w0 28 86 251 1
4 Broens Bernard 2K SA STB 6+b0 3-b0 1-w0 28 85 256 1
5 Beling Rory 5K SA STB 7+b0 6+w0 3+b0 28 81 251 3
6 Rubidge Lloyd 2K SA CT 4-w0 5-b0 2-b0 27 85 233 0
7 Binet Guillaume 5K SA CT 5-w0 8+b0 10-b0 26 80 230 1
8 Breuer Florian 6K SA STB 9+b0 7-w0 11+w0 26 77 231 2
9 Welsh Chris 6K SA CT 8-w0 11+b0 12+b0 26 75 230 2
10 Gelant James 7K SA CT 14+w0 12+b0 7+w0 26 72 229 3
11 Richfield David 6K SA STB 12+w0 9-w0 8-b0 25 76 229 1
12 Swart Riaan 6K SA STB 11-b0 10-w0 9-w0 24 77 223 0
13 Jones Jonathan 10K SA STB 15+w2 14+b0 16+w0 23 53 192 3
14 Bergh Andre 8K SA STB 10-b0 13-w0 15-w4 22 72 174 0
15 Thom Adrian 13K SA STB 13-b2 16+w0 14+b4 19 49 196 2
16 Ghost 30K SA STB 2-w0 15-b0 13-b0 10 71 169 0

(produced by Gotha V2.12)

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