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September 24th, 2007

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SA Closed 2007 results

The SA Closed was held this past weekend, for more information go take a look here.

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September 20th, 2007


Congratulations to Ben Bredenkamp on his promotion to 10k.

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September 19th, 2007

African Oza 2008

Dear All,

The suspense is over – after the cut-and-thrust of bid and (not quite)
counter-bid the dust has settled and from all the offer(s) received we
have selected the Cape Town Club as having presented the best (well, only)
bid to host the prestigious 2008 African Oza and accompanying South
African Open. Thanks to Sakkie Buys, Sakkie Buys (yes, double portfolio),
Andrew Davies, Chris Welsh, Lloyd Rubidge and Rory Beling who are getting
busy with arrangements as we speak.

For now, we would like to announce the preliminary dates:

Friday 8 February – Sunday 10 February

These are still preliminary at this stage (and have basically been picked
out of the hat), so if anyone has feedback (i.e. a good reason to prefer
another date), please let us know. You have until early next week.

Regards, and be sure to mark the dates in your calendar for a trip to Cape Town,
Konrad Scheffler

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September 12th, 2007

African Oza – call for hosts

South Africa have been asked to host the African leg of the 2008 Toyota-Denso World Oza. This prestigious and well-sponsored event, which will also incorporate the South African Open, not only draws the top players from all over Africa, but this year will be attended by a professional from the Nihon Ki-in, Mr Enda. Hosting it is an excellent way to promote go in your area (ask the Stellenbosch Club, which hosted it in 2006). Unfortunately the Nihon Ki-in is breathing down our necks to give them a place and dates, so that they can make travel arrangements for Mr Enda. So if your club is thinking of offering to host (with assistance from SAGA and funding from the sponsors), please contact Konrad (0721579600) by this weekend at the latest. You know you want to!

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September 12th, 2007

Ad hoc promotion

Based on input from Andre Connell, Paul Edwards and Gordon Wells, I am planning on promoting Gerrit Kapp to 6 kyu. Please e-mail me, or leave a comment on this message if you have any objections or further input.

I intend to implement the change on 17 September.

Update: I have implemented the rank change.

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September 5th, 2007

Rank Changes

Last night the Pretoria Go Club paid a visit to the Joburg club and many go games were played! Following these, three new players were added to the rating system, and one ad-hoc promotion has been requested. The new players added to the system are Tom Liu at 7kyu, Gordon Wells at 8kyu, and Elad Mizrachi at 10kyu.

There were also two promotions for both Marc Loon, and Alan Thompson, who were both promoted to 11kyu.

The evening was a success, and we now plan to have more regular inter-club meetings in future, held alternately at the Johannesburg and Pretoria venues.

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September 3rd, 2007

3rd Quarter Internet 2007 results

The 3rd quarter internet tournament was played on spring day this year, with eleven participants on the day. Results were as follows:

1st – Victor Chow
tied 2nd to 4th – Konrad Scheffler, Aki Zhou, Andrew Davies
tied 5th to 7th – Lloyd Rubidge, Chris Visser, Andre Connell
8th – Chris Welsh
9th – Florian Breuer
tied 10th – Peter Charter, Ben Bredenkamp

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