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November 28th, 2007

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James Gelant promoted to 6k

Congratulations to James Gelant, promoted to 6k after recent games. James had been pushing for this promotion for some time, but had lost his last nine consecutive games to Chris Welsh, which kept the promotion at bay. However, Chris was recently promoted and James took advantage of the extra stone, won the game and gained the promotion.

On the same evening, Trevor Hill was demoted to 16k.

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November 28th, 2007

Cape Town Blitz 2007 completed

Towards the end of every year, in keeping with the general festive air that begins to pervade Cape Town as the end of year festivities start occurring, the Cape Town Go Club holds a blitz tournament. 12 minutes are all you have on the clock, and winning often has more to do with ensuring your are ahead on the clock rather than being ahead on the board. Last night was no exception, with about half the games won on time. There were seven entrants, which had the happy side-effect of allowing each player to take a break during the seven rounds and four hours of frantic stone slapping and clock pounding. Naturally, with the need to play more on instinct and with reading going out of the window, many blunders occurred, and the lone spectator during each round must have smiled to himself as he saw horrendous misreads and gross misjudgements a-plenty.

Andrew Davies (1d) and Chris Welsh (4k) set the early pace, but Trevor Hill (15k) made use of his extra stones and with comfortable wins over the two dan players (Andrew and Konrad), kept himself in the running. However, this was to be Andrew’s only defeat of the night, and coming into the last round, Andrew (who had the bye) could relax, knowing that only Chris could catch him up (which would have forced a playoff). Chris, playing the recently joined Alex du Plessis (10k), got involved in a massive whole-board winner-takes-all fight, and eventually Alex’s obvious preference for fighting and extra handicap stones prevailed, forcing Chris to resign. This game had been played at a frantic pace, and the game was over before 4 (of the available 24) minutes had elapsed, even though at least 200 moves had been made. Clearly both players were determined to stay ahead on the clock!

Remarkably, even in all this frenzy, some games were in fact decided on points. Notably close was the game between Alex and Trevor, which Trevor won by 3.5 points.

Finally, congratulations to Andrew Davies, the winner this year, with 5 wins out of 6. Runners up were Chris Welsh and Trevor Hill with 4 wins each.

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November 27th, 2007

Statistics Updated

The player statistics have been updated after the recent 1/4’ly internet tournament and can be seen here.

Some interesting features include:

  • the good performance of Mike Cave, who has unfortunately recently emigrated to the UK
  • that Steve Kroon has been the 4th most active player, despite taking a 6 month hiatus to complete his PhD
  • that 80% of the top improvers are from the Western Cape
  • that 80% of the most active players are from the Western Cape (there might be a link here…)
  • However, Gauteng members make up 80% of the top tournament performers
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    November 18th, 2007

    4th Quarter internet results

    The results for the recent 4’th Quarter internet tournament are as follows

    1’st – Victor Chow
    tied 2’nd to 4’th – Chris Visser
    tied 2’nd to 4’th – Ben Gale
    tied 2’nd to 4’th – Konrad Scheffler
    tied 5’th to 7’th – Lloyd Rubidge
    tied 5’th to 7’th – Chris Welsh
    tied 5’th to 7’th – Andrew Davies
    8’th – Dave Gale

    Thanks to all for participating, and also congratulations to Chris Welsh who was promoted to 4k following his tournament games.

    See you all next year at the 1’st Quarter internet tournament for 2008!

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    November 13th, 2007

    4th Quarter internet tournament 2007

    The final three-round internet tournament for 2007 will be held in the South African room on KGS from 9:30am onwards on Sunday the 18th of November. Please contact Andre if you wish to participate, preferrably by sending an email to aconnell(at)cinet(dot)co(dot)za. The only requirement to participate is being a paid-up SAGA member.

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    November 13th, 2007

    Cape Town Go Club welcomes new members

    Welcome to Alexander du Plessis (11k) and Steven Rae (20k), who recently joined the Cape Town Go Club.

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    November 12th, 2007

    3rd Annual Cape Town Blitz Tournament

    The Cape Town Go Club is hosting its 3rd annual Blitz Tournament!

    Tuesday November 27, 2007 – 7:30pm

    A Touch of Madness, Observatory

    No fees are payable. The tournament is open to members of the Cape Town club. Note that it is quite straightforward to become a member of the club: indicate to one of the committe members that you wish to join, or simply register for the tournament and you will automatically become a member. Note that you must be ranked, i.e. have an official SAGC level, in order for the handicapping to be effective.

    The tournament is still to be finalized, but will roughly be as follows:

    absolute blitz (no byoyomi) – 12 minutes per side
    30 minutes per round
    standard handicaps will be applied
    5 rounds will be played, with a 6th if required for tiebreaking
    a swiss format will be used in order to do the pairing.

    Some salient differences from a normal game

    – 4 passes are required to end a game
    – pushing the clock constitutes the end of the move (so moves can be taken back)
    – removal of more than one stone entitles you to pause the clock
    – it is not illegal or unethical to utilize any time advantage you may have

    Please see the rules page for further details.

    Tournament director:
    Chris Welsh – please mail him if you intend to play at quantumf AT

    The winner of the tournament will be named the 2007 Cape Town Blitz Champion.

    Since the games will be lightning games, they will not count as ranked games.

    Further information is available here

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