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February 11th, 2008

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Promotions after the 2008 African Oza

Congratulations to the following players who were promoted after matches at the 2008 African Oza

Trevor Hill – from 14k to 13k
Riaan Swart – from 9k to 7k (double jump – Riaan went 6/6 at the Oza!)
James Gelant – from 6k to 5k
David Richfield – from 6k to 5k
Chris Welsh – from 4k to 3k

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February 11th, 2008

2008 Calendar available

The preliminary Go calendar for 2008, with recommended dates to avoid tournament clashes, is now in the calendar sidebar. If your event is not going to be held, or you wish to change the date, please confer with Andre Connell (SAGA portfolio: tournaments), and let me know to change the date on the calendar.

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February 10th, 2008

2008 African Oza Champion

Congratulations to Victor Chow, winner of the 2008 African Oza. For details of the tournament, please refer to the tournament page here, and the final leaderboard is here

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February 8th, 2008

Oza Dinner

An informal dinner function will be held on the Saturday night of the Oza tournament. The venue will be A Touch of Madness, where the Cape Town Go Club regularly meet. Please see the tournament page here for more details.

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February 8th, 2008

Suggested ad hoc rank changes

Andre Connell, Rory, Florian and I discussed Carle and Jonathan’s inappropriate ranks, and agreed that ad hoc rank changes to 3k for Carle and 7k for Jonathan are appropriate, if slightly conservative.

We’d also like to congratulate Carle, who was awarded a 2-dan certificate during her stay in Japan, and is also now an accredited Kansai Ki-in instructor. Many thanks to Aketa-sensei for his help in facilitating her stay in Japan.

If you have any objection to these rank changes, please let Steve Kroon know urgently.

Update: Since there were no objections, we have gone ahead with the rank changes.

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February 5th, 2008

Ad hoc promotion for Carle

Carle Joubert has been training her Go in Japan the last while, and is now studying in Stellenbosch. Her rank on the rating system is outdated, based on Aketa-sensei’s reports. We are in the process of evaluating a suitable new rank for Carle, and wish to finalise the change before the African Oza this weekend. We expect the new rank for Carle will be between 3k and 2d.

The new suggested rank should be placed on this website (as an update on this post) early on Friday. If you have a potential objection to this rank change, please check the proposed rank on Friday, and get back to me ASAP, preferably on the same day. My cell number (I won’t be available for calls, but SMS’s will be fine) is 0844588062. The intent is to make the modification before games from the Oza are entered on the rating system, in order to minimize potential disruptions.


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