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October 22nd, 2008

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Commented WMSG game from Victor

Victor Chow has been kind enough to provide us with a commented version of the first game he lost in the World Mind Sports Games earlier this month.

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October 21st, 2008

Minutes of SAGA council meeting

The minutes of the SAGA Council meeting held on 15 October have been added to the SAGA->Council->Meeting minutes page, for those interested.

Footnote: technically, the minutes aren’t official until they get approved at the next meeting, but posting the draft versions immediately keep everyone more in the loop. Also, (a) approving them is typically just a formality, and (b) any changes from the drafts will be reported on the website.

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October 21st, 2008

SA Open Go tournament, 2009 – call for host

SAGA is looking for a host for the 2009 SA Open Go tournament. The preferred dates are early in the year, either January or February.

If your club is interested in hosting this event, please contact Andrew Davies at or 021 7123204 for further information.

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October 16th, 2008

SAGA Council Meeting

19h15 on MSN

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October 15th, 2008

WMSG Update – 15 October

The South African pairs team of Konrad and Carle lost in round 4 to the Serbian team and again in round 5 to the Norwegian team. Their best shot at win will be against the Colombian team, who are a 3d-5k pair.

Returning to Victor’s performance at the tournament, an sgf of his group match against Bernd Radmacher 4d can be found here. In this game Victor was black and opened with his familiar 5-5 and 6-4 moves.

Update: Konrad and Carle lost to the Colombian team. Their final game will be against the strong New Zealand team.

Update: Konrad and Carle did well in the final game, losing by only 2.5 points against a New Zealand pair which was vastly superior on paper.

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October 14th, 2008

WMSG Update – 14 October

The South African pair lost to the USA in round 3. They have been unfortunate to meet the top 3 teams in the first 3 rounds. In the next round they play Serbia, who have also lost all their games.

An sgf of their game vs China is available here

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October 13th, 2008

WMSG Update – 13 October

Some pictures of the mixed pairs players in their traditional dress can be found here. There’s half a picture of Carle to be found there.

Another enormous collection of pictures from the WMSG can be found here.

Game commentaries of some of the matches by Enda Hideki may be of interest to players who attended the recent Africa Oza – they can be found here, here and here

Update: Konrad and Carle lost their first round match against the Chinese team. They play the Czech team in round 2.

Update: The Czechs beat them in Round 2. Their first opponents tomorrow morning are the USA pair.

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October 9th, 2008

Victor out of WMSG

Unfortunately, Victor lost his quarterfinal match in the Individual Open event to 7-dan Tae-Won Jo. The Canadian and American players were also eliminated in the quarterfinals. Congratulations to Victor for getting as far as he did!

Update: An sgf of the game is now available here

Another update: Tae-Won Jo went on to win the gold medal in the Individual Open event.

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October 9th, 2008

WMSG Update – 9 October 2008

Congratulations to Victor Chow, who has qualified for the quarterfinals of the open event. As the time of writing, he is playing his quarterfinal match, which is being broadcast live on cyberoro.

Update: Chris Visser lost his final game to Hao Song Son, 6d.

Update: There are some great pics from the tournament here, including a picture of Victor.

Update: Victor lost his quarterfinal match.

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October 8th, 2008

WMSG Update – 8 October 2008

Victor has won his 5th round game against the 7-dan Australian, Kevin Chen. Meanwhile Canadian Yongfei Ge beat Dmytro Bogatskyy, who beat Victor in round 3. This leaves one player undefeated (Bernd Rademacher, a German 4-dan, who upset Ge in Round 2), while Victor, Ge, Bogatskyy, and 4-dan Frenchman, Alain Kerbrat, each have 1 loss. Victor faces Ge in the next round, with the loser effectively out of the running.

As expected, Chris Visser lost his game against Fernando Aguilar. Chris’s next opponent is a 10 kyu Bulgarian, Valeriya Gencheva.

Update: Victor has beaten Yongfei Ge, so it seems the two of them are sharing the lead with Bernd Rademacher and Alain Kerbrat, a 4-dan Frenchman. (Alain beat Bernd in the sixth round).

Correction: Bernd beat Kerbrat, so he is leading the group without a loss, while Victor is placed second as the only player on 5/6.

Yet another correction: It seems some of the earlier round results in our source were wrong. Bernd Radmacher actually lost to Yongfei Ge in Round 2, so Ge was undefeated until Round 6, when he lost to Victor. So, to summarize, Victor, Yongfei and Bernd are tied for the lead on one loss each. Victor’s chances seem good with him facing 4-dan Bernd in the final Round.

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