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November 29th, 2008

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2008 Cape Town Blitz Tournament Results

Pl. Name Str Cl. MMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 Pt
1 Ross, Ashley 15k Cape Town 6 5+ 3+ 2+ 4+ 6+ 7+ 6
2 Davies, Andrew 2d Cape Town 4 4+ 6+ 1- 3- 5+ 9+ 4
Welsh, Chris 2k Cape Town 4 8+ 1- 9+ 2+ 4- 10+ 4
Steyn, Paul 16k Cape Town 4 2- 8+ 7+ 1- 3+ 5+ 4
5 Rubidge, Lloyd 2k Cape Town 3 1- 7+ 6+ 10+ 2- 4- 3
6 Scheffler, Konrad 2d Cape Town 2 7+ 2- 5- 9+ 1- 8- 2
Gelant, James 5k Cape Town 2 6- 5- 4- 8+ 10+ 1- 2
Hill, Trevor 13k Cape Town 2 3- 4- 10- 7- 9+ 6+ 2
9 Martindale, Stephen 15k Cape Town 1 10+ 3- 6- 8- 2- 1
Shea, Rory 21k Cape Town 1 9- 8+ 5- 7- 3- 1

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November 22nd, 2008

4th Quarter Internet tournament results

Thirteen players took part, with the top group of 8 fielding most of SA’s top players. It was great to have a number of new players too.

Congratulations to Victor on winning the tournament.

Congratulations also to David Richfield for winning group 2, and to Clint Smythe, who was promoted to 8k after his good results.

The full results are:

1   Victor Chow

2-4 Paul Edwards, Aki Zhou, Ben Gale

5-7 Chris Welsh, Konrad Scheffler, Andrew Davies

8    Chris Visser

9    David Richfield

10-12 James Nicholson, Charl Du Plessis, Clint Smythe

13   Gordon Wells

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November 16th, 2008

Calendar changes

I’ve made some changes to the calendar display on the website. I’ve added the SAGA tournament dates for the next year, and there’s now a link in the left menu displaying the next year’s events.

Events are now edited through a Google Calendar, which is public, so you can subscribe to it. Also, if you wish to edit events on the calendar, you can contact me, and I can give you access.

As part of the process, I’ve modifed the website’s theme to be widget-enabled. This may break some of the display for some users. Please report on anything that doesn’t work, or looks ugly.

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November 16th, 2008

2008 KPMC report

During the last week, Paul Edwards has represented South Africa at the Korean Prime Minister’s Cup. He finished with 3 wins in 8 games, ending 52nd of the 68 participants.

A summary of his results:

Round 1: Lost to 6-dan K Nagayo of Japan
Round 2: Beat 5-kyu Jose Teles De Menezes of Portugal
Round 3: Lost to 3-dan Janez Janza of Slovenia
Round 4: Lost to 3-dan Andres Comito of Argentina
Round 5: Lost to 1-dan Roberto Morrison of Switzerland
Round 6: Lost to 1-dan Oswaldo Moreano of Ecuador
Round 7: Beat 2-kyu Mladen Bogdanovic of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Round 8: Beat 1-dan Jose Fernandez of Chile

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November 16th, 2008

Cape Town Blitz 2008

The Cape Town Go Club is hosting the 4th annual Blitz Tournament!

Tuesday November 25, 2008 – 7:30pm

A Touch of Madness, Observatory

No fees are payable. The tournament is open to members of the Cape Town club. Note that it is quite straightforward to become a member of the club: indicate to one of the committe members that you wish to join, or simply register for the tournament and you will automatically become a member. Note that you must be ranked, i.e. have an official SAGC level, in order for the handicapping to be effective.

The tournament is still to be finalized, but will roughly be as follows:

absolute blitz (no byoyomi) – 12 minutes per side
30 minutes per round
standard handicaps will be applied
5 rounds will be played, with a 6th if required for tiebreaking
a swiss format will be used in order to do the pairing.

Some salient differences from a normal game

– 4 passes are required to end a game
– pushing the clock constitutes the end of the move (so moves can be taken back)
– removal of more than one stone entitles you to pause the clock
– it is not illegal or unethical to utilize any time advantage you may have

Please see the rules page for further details.

Tournament director:
Chris Welsh – please mail him if you intend to play at quantumf AT

The winner of the tournament will be named the 2008 Cape Town Blitz Champion.

Since the games will be lightning games, they will not count as ranked games.

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November 6th, 2008

4th quarter internet tournament registration

The 4th internet tournament this year will take place on Sat 22 Nov, starting at 9:30am.

It is open to all paid-up SAGA members.

The players currently registered are:
Victor Chow – 7d
Aki Zhou – 5d
Ben Gale – 3d
Konrad Scheffler – 2d
Andrew Davies – 2d
Chris Visser – 1d
Paul Edwards – 1k
Chris Welsh – 2k
James Nicolson – 4k
David Richfield – 5k
Charl Du Plessis – 6k
Gordon Wells – 7k

Please contact Andrew Davies if you would like to participate.
Tel: 021 7123204 (h)

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