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May 31st, 2011

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WAGC 32 Day 3

After three days and six rounds, Ben Gale is 3/6. He duly beat the 1k play from Mexico, but lost to Germany’s 6d, FJ Dickut. His game is against Neville Smythe of Australia, who is also a 3d. This will be Ben’s first evenly matched game, and will be the key to his performance this year. All his games have so far gone according to rank, and he is fractionally ahead of his seeding (29th vs his seeding of 32)

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May 30th, 2011

WAGC 32 Day 1 and 2

Ben Gale is playing in the 32nd WAGC, which kicked off on Sunday 29 May. After four rounds, Ben is 2/4, beating two 1d’s (from Venezuela and Portugal), and losing to a 4d from Spain and a 5d from Ukraine. In round 5, he will meet 1k player from Mexico (who has already beaten some dan players).

Two of Ben’s games are available, unfortunately it is his two losses! Here they are: Round 2 defeat to Spain and Round 3 defeat to Ukraine

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May 16th, 2011

Ad hoc promotion – Chris Herries

Based on feedback from a number of players at the Cape Town club, including Andrew Davies and Chris Welsh, Chris Herries has been ad hoc promoted to 5 kyu. If you have any concerns or objections about this promotion, please contact Steve Kroon at .

Edit: The initial post erroneously said 4kyu – the promotion was to 5kyu.

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May 16th, 2011

Andrew Davies wins 2011 Cape Town Open

Over the last few years, Andrew Davies and Konrad Scheffler have dominated the Western Cape go scene. The 2011 Cape Town Open was no exception, with the same two players playing in the final decisive game to decide the champion. Andrew eventually prevailed by 4.5 points to take back the title from Konrad, who was the 2010 winner.

Another notable result was the 3/3 wins of Chris Herries, who only started playing in September 2010. He was ad-hoc promoted from 8k to 5k just before the tournament, and confirmed that it was probably too conservative an adjustment!

Full Results
1. Andrew Davies 2d (3 wins)
2. Konrad Scheffler 2d (2 wins)
3. Chris Welsh 1d (2 wins)
4. Steve Kroon 1k (1 win)
5. Sam Scott 1d (1 win)
6. Lloyd Rubidge 1k (0 wins)
7. Chris Herries 5k (3 wins)
8. Jochen Bethke 5k (2 wins)
9. Rory Shea 15k (1 win)
10. Mike Blignaut 15k (0 wins)

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May 11th, 2011

SAGA Stock in Gauteng

The latest Gauteng stock list is here (Excel format). This list includes prices for SAGA members.

Damaged stock


  • A – Very damaged

    All pages are crinkled / rumpled from water damage. Some pages stuck
    together but all still legible.

    50 % discount.

  • B – Light damage

    Some discoloration on the covers, book is slightly warped but all pages

    25 % discount.

  • C – Slightly damaged

    Book has slightly turned up corners or impression on all pages

    10 % discount

The books we have in each category are (with the pre-discount SAGA

A – very damaged

K29 reducing territorial frameworks R90

B – Light damage

k75 the basics of go strategy R150.00 (8 copies)

C – Slightly damaged

K14 attack and defense R100
k31 the second book of go R90 (2 copies)
k33 the chinese opening R90
k45 positional judgement R90
k58 get strong at life and death R100 (2 copies)

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