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May 21st, 2012

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Council meeting minutes available

The transcript and minutes of the SAGA Council meeting held on 2 April are now available on the website.

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May 21st, 2012

Webring redirects

I’m glad to announce that everyone suffering from irritating Game of Go webring redirects should no longer have to deal with these problems: I have disabled all webring functionality on the website. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

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May 20th, 2012

Title shared, many promotions, in 2012 Cape Town Open

The 2012 Cape Town open was notable for the large number of players tied at the top of the tournament the same number of wins, as well as a large number of promotions

Four players in the top bar ended on two wins, Sam Scott, Chris Welsh, Andrew Davies and Ben Gale. The tie breakers used were unable to separate Sam and Chris at the top and they thus shared the title. See more below.

The promotions were:

  • Steve Kroon finally joins the ranks of dan players!
  • Paul Steyn to 5k
  • Stephen Martindale to 10k (a double promotion)
  • Mike Blignault to 14k
  • Congratulations to all these players. Congratulations also to Stephen Martindale who was the only player to end the day with three wins.

    Some other notable wins include:

  • Steve Kroon 1k beating Lloyd Rubidge 1k to earn his promotion to 1d
  • Chris Welsh 1d beating Andrew Davies 3d
  • Stephen Martindale 12k beating Florian Breuer 4k with only 5 handicap stones
  • Paul Steyn 6k beating Steve Kroon 1k with only 3 handicap stones
  • Full results:

     Num   Pl   Name   Rank   Co  Club   NbW  R 1  R 2  R 3  MMS SDC SOS SODOS
    Scott Sam 2D ZA CPT 2 4+/b0 5+/w0 3-/b0 31 0 92 61
      Welsh Chris 1D ZA CPT 2 3+/w0 4-/w0 6+/b0 31 0 92 61
    Davies Andrew 3D ZA CPT 2 2-/b0 8+/w2 1+/w0 31 0 90 59
      Gale Ben 3D ZA CPT 2 1-/w0 2+/b0 9+/w2 31 0 90 59
    Kroon Steve 1K ZA STB 1 6+/w0 1-/b0 8-/w3 30 1 90 30
    Rubidge Lloyd 1K ZA CPT 1 5-/b0 9+/w1 2-/w0 30 0 88 27
    Breuer Florian 4K ZA STB 0 0= 0= 10-/w5 27 0 78 0
    Steyn Paul 6K ZA CPT 2 9+/w0 3-/b2 5+/b3 26 1 82 53
    van Niekerk Francois 4K ZA STB 0 8-/b0 6-/b1 4-/b2 26 0 84 0
    10  10  Martindale Stephen 12K ZA CPT 3 12+/b0 11+/w1 7+/b5 21 0 57 57
    11  11  Blignault Mike 15K ZA CPT 2 0+ 10-/b1 12+/w0 17 1 52 17
    12  12  Shea Rory 14K ZA CPT 1 10-/w0 0+ 11-/b0 17 0 54 0

    OpenGotha 3.27
    20-05-2012 10:12

    The tie breakers used were
    (1) direct confrontation – in other words, the result between two players is used if they have the same number of wins. However, if there is a loop, as there was in this tournament, then this is ignored.
    (2) SOS – the sum of opponents MacMahon score – this measures how hard your opponents were
    (2) SODOS – the sum of your defeated opponents MacMahon score – the measures the quality of the people you beat

    In a small tournament with only three rounds, however, these tie breakers are often not very effective, as can be seen above, with Sam and Chris having identical values for all these tie breakers. Furthermore, the impact of losing in the first round can be very severe, as you then tend to be drawn against lower ranked players, fatally affecting your SOS and SODOS values.

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    May 16th, 2012

    33rd WAGC Results – Rounds 7 and 8

    John had a very tough draw on the last day of the 33rd WAGC, drawing Luxembourg 4d and then Norway 4d, and was unable to add to his tally of 3 wins. John ended up 40th overall.

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    May 15th, 2012

    33rd WAGC Results – Rounds 5 and 6

    On day three John lost to Belarus 1d but beat Cyprus 1d, leaving him with three wins overall with two more rounds to go.

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    May 14th, 2012

    33rd WAGC Results – Rounds 3 and 4

    John had some good results on day 2, beating the Chinese substitute player (of unknown strength) and then beating Australia 2d. His next opponent is Belarus 1d.

    A short interview with John can be found here

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    May 13th, 2012

    33rd WAGC Results – round 1 and 2

    John Leuner lost his first two matches, against Ireland 1k and France 5d.

    In round 3 he is drawn against the subsitute Chinese 4d player (who substituted for Poland, who missed his plane).

    Results available here:

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    May 10th, 2012

    John Leuner at WAGC

    The 33rd World Amateur Go Championship begins tomorrow in China. SAGoClubs wishes the best of luck to John Leuner (2d), the South African representative. Does anyone have information on the Moroccan and Malagasy representative? (It doesn’t seem as if the WAGC has a website set up yet…)

    Please leave comments if you have any updates!

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    May 1st, 2012

    Kobayashi Koichi talks about go at a TEDx event

    Hopefully you’ll find these videos interesting: Kobayashi Koichi (Japanese 9-dan professional) discussing various aspects of Go at a Japanese TEDx event. (There are english subtitles available, just click on the “CC” button below the video.)

    TEDx talk
    Artificial intelligence discussion including Kobayashi Koichi

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