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November 21st, 2012

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Sam wins 2012 Cape Town Blitz Tournament

The 2012 Cape Town blitz tournament was held 21 November, at the usual venue. Eleven players entered this year, including a lightning visit from Konrad Scheffler who jetted in from San Diego specifically for the event.

After four of the five rounds only two players were left unbeaten, Sam Scott and Chris Welsh, which allowed a single winner to be declared, in contrast to previous years with multiple players with the same number of wins. In the end Sam prevailed by time, despite arguably being behind on the board (although a complex ko fight still needed to be resolved).

1 – Sam Scott 3d (5 wins)
2 – Chris Welsh 1d (4 wins)
2 – Andrew Davies 3d (4 wins)
4 – Konrad Scheffler 2d (3 wins)
4 – Paul Steyn 4d (3 wins)

In case anyone is interested, 11 of the 25 games were decided by time, 8 by points, and 6 by resign.

In the opinion of the tournament director, too many games are still being won by the stronger player, despite the games being full handicap games. Suggestions welcome on how to make the event more even. Increasing komi is one option, but this only affects games beyond 9 stones.

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November 12th, 2012

South Africa finish 28th in the 23rd International Amateur Pair Go Championship

On the 3rd and 4th of November, the 23rd International Amateur Pair Go Championship. There were 32 pairs that were invited, 11 from Japan and 21 from worldwide. South Africa was represented by Carle Joubert and Francois van Niekerk. The five rounds went as follows:

1: SA lost against a pair from Japan.
2: SA lost against the pair from Norway.
3: SA lost against the pair from Germany.
4: SA won against the pair from Ireland.
5: SA lost against the pair from Austria.

With the one win against Ireland, SA finished in 28th spot.

Full results are available here

Posted by Francois Van Niekerk as IAPG at 11:25 AM, 2 Comments »