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December 17th, 2012

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Preliminary credit points for 2012

A preliminary credit point list for 2012 is available here. Also available is a zip file showing the calculations for each entry in the list. Please take a look at your record sheet, and let me know if there are any issues with the calculations.

    Notes on calculations:

  • The sponsorship level for the WAGC is taken as 50%
  • The sponsorship level for the KPMC is taken as 100%
  • John Leuner’s final standing in the 2012 WAGC is taken as 40th place, as per the Nihon Ki-in page, and not 41st place, as per the EuroGo Federation page.

With the current situation, which should not be affected substantially, international tournaments should be offered in turn to Victor Chow, Andre Connell, Steve Kroon, and then Welile Gogotshe. These preliminary points include all the tournament placings for 2012, but may be missing some game results not yet entered on the rating system.

In addition, if your 2012 SAGA membership does not reflect on the membership list, you will not have received points for 2012 – if your name has been omitted in error, please contact the membership secretary to sort this out.

A final list of points should be posted in January 2013.

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December 2nd, 2012

Second call for 2013 membership renewals

This is the second call for all SAGA members to renew their membership for 2013 as soon as possible – preferably before 01 January 2013. 2012 memberships will expire on 31 December.

Please see the previous post for more details. All membership fees for 2013 have remained unchanged from 2012: R100,00 in general, but R50,00 for full time tertiary students and R20.00 for primary or secondary school pupils. Details for how to renew your membership are available on the SAGA general information page (see the section: Joining SAGA/renewing your membership).

Please remember to email the membership secretary once you have paid, and mention how (or who) you paid and your current preferred email address. If paying by EFT please also email the treasurer.

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