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November 29th, 2013

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Andrew Davies is the 2013 Cape Town Blitz Champion

Continuing the trend of dan players winning the blitz tournament, despite the event being a full handicap event, Andrew Davies 3d won the tournament with 4 wins out of 5. Sam Scott also had 4 wins, but lost to Andrew in their head to head match. The rest of the field had 3 or fewer wins. We had high hopes for our recent addition, David de Klerk, who is almost certainly stronger than his current 16k, but David lost a few matches on time presumably due to his unfamiliarity with this form of Go. However, he was the only player to beat Andrew Davies.

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November 11th, 2013

New home for the Cape Town club (again)

Due to A Touch Of Madness restaurant reopening (under new management), the Cape Town club has re-relocated back to its old home. While the building is the same, sadly the old staff are not there, but the new staff are very friendly and we once again feel welcomed to our home of so many years.

Place: A Touch Of Madness restaurant, Nuttall Road, Observatory.
Time: 19h00 – late

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November 11th, 2013

2013 Cape Town Blitz Date Announced

Players in the Western Cape are hereby notified that we will be holding our annual blitz tournament on Tuesday the 26th of November 2013, at our usual venue of the Touch of Madness. Please make sure you get there before 8pm if you wish to play. There are no entry fees, and the only requirement to play is that you have a stable rank on the SAGA system.

Detailed rules are available, but the basic idea is that the games use absolute time of 12 minutes per side. The games will be played with full handicap, including 10 points of komi per handicap stones if the rank difference exceeds 9 stones.

Can participants please bring sets and, more importantly, clocks!

Recent winners include Andrew Davies (2009 and 2010), Chris Welsh (2011) and Sam Scott (2012). We have to go back to 2008 to find a non-dan winner, that was Ashley Ross, 15k at the time.

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