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May 26th, 2014

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Andrew wins 2nd Quarter Internet Tournament

In the second internet tournament of the year, that took place on Saturday, 10 players were online to participate. Well done to Paul and Peet who, due to their tournament performance, have been promoted to 2k and 9k respectively. After Round 2 the tournament took a break for the SAGA AGM, but once the day was done, Andrew Davies emerged as the overall winner, and Peet Brits as the winner of Group 2. Congratulations to Andrew and Peet!

1. Andrew Davies
2-3. Sam Scott, Paul Steyn
4-5. John Leuner, Chris Welsh
6. Francois van Niekerk
7. Peet Brits
8. Christiaan Maasdorp
9. Elizabeth Meyer
10. Rory Shea

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May 13th, 2014

Sam Scott retains Cape Town Open Title

The 2014 Cape Town open was won by Sam Scott 3d, with 3/3 wins. This was his third consecutive title. Second was Andrew Davies 3d, and third was Lloyd Rubidge 1k.

Full results
1. Sam Scott 3d
2. Andrew Davies 3d
3. Lloyd Rubidge 1k
4. Chris Welsh 2d
5. Paul Steyn 3k
6. Rory Shea 10k
7. Christiaan Maasdorp 10k

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