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October 24th, 2016

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European Team Championship 2016/2017 Round One Game Records

A couple of weeks ago the first round of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2016/2017 was played. South Africa, currently in the C League, faced Lithuania, one of the stronger teams in the C League. There were some hard-fought, close games, and we managed a 2-2 result. Both Chris and Andrew have reviewed their games, and Victor has kindly reviewed not only his own game, but their reviews as well.

These games take place on average once every three weeks (schedule here) online on IGS. I have found that watching one or two of the games live gives one a much better feel for the game that really helps one understand the reviews, and this is a good way to help one improve.

Original Game Records:

Reviewed game Records:

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October 14th, 2016

Stellenbosch Go Congress: 22 October 2016

Stellenbosch Go players are hosting the first Stellenbosch Go congress on 22 October at the Root44 market on the road between Stellenbosch and Somerset West. The aim is to introduce the game to many new players, provide a reason for active and past Go players and their families to socialize, and, of course, for a little over-the-board competition. The plan is to be there from at least 10am until the market closes (usually around 4pm).

We aim to have pamphlets about the game available for distribution, as well as some Go sets and books about the game for viewing and ordering. (Unfortunately, no actual sales are permitted at the venue, as the organizers are not registered as traders at the market.)

So, whether you actively play, have learned to play before and put it aside, or have just heard about the game and think you might be interested, bring your family to the Root 44 market on 22 October and join us. We’ll be seated at the tables next to the kids playing area.

Note: If you own one or more Go sets, please bring them along – we’d really like to make sure people interested in learning to play aren’t held back by a lack of equipment.

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