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May 26th, 2006

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SA Internet Go

Monday nights and Saturday afternoons are recommended SA Internet Go meeting times.

Update: As of 5 July, internet games count the same as club games in terms of both rating and participation points.

Players are encouraged to visit the South African Room (a National Room) on KGS on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons to try to get one or more games against fellow South Africans (preferably not from where you live). This gives players who don’t live near a club an opportunity to play against fellow South Africans, as well as South African players and friends of South African Go in other countries the opportunity to play against South Africans. It also makes our national rankings more accurate by encouraging inter-regional play, which is otherwise quite rare.

Please pass the word on to any South Africans you know who may be able to play on the Internet, but can’t make club meetings.

All games between players on the national rating system will be recorded on the national rating system, if the result is e-mailed to the person responsible for logging the games. At the moment, that is Steve Kroon. The game winner is responsible for sending the e-mail. Game results not e-mailed can obviously not be recorded. Also note that games can be free on KGS but rated nationally and vice-versa. The default is that the game is a rated game for the purposes of the national system, unless agreed otherwise. Note also that you are free to send in internet games played at other times besides Monday nights, and games played on other servers.

A list of players and their nicks/handles on the various go servers is available on this wiki page. Please update your information if necessary.

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