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November 9th, 2015

Andrew Davies wins 2015 Stellenbosch Open

Andrew Davies 3d won the 2015 Stellenbosch Open

Detailed results follow

Round 1

 Tble   White   Black   Hd   Res 
1 Scott Sam(3D)  van Niekerk Francois(3K)  1-0 
2 Welsh Chris(2D)  Davies Andrew(3D, )  0-1 
3 Wells Gordon(6K)  Maasdorp Christiaan(8K)  1-0 
4 Moolman Deon(15K)  Rigby Charles(18K)  0-1 

Round 2

 Tble   White   Black   Hd   Res 
1 Davies Andrew(3D)  Scott Sam(3D)  1-0 
2 Welsh Chris(2D)  van Niekerk Francois(3K)  1-0 
3 Wells Gordon(6K)  Moolman Deon(15K)  1-0 
4 Maasdorp Christiaan(8K)  Rigby Charles(18K)  0-1 

Round 3

 Tble   White   Black   Hd   Res 
1 Scott Sam(3D)  Welsh Chris(2D)  0-1 
2 Davies Andrew(3D)  Wells Gordon(6K)  1-0 
3 van Niekerk Francois(3K)  Rigby Charles(18K)  1-0 
4 Maasdorp Christiaan(8K)  Moolman Deon(15K  1-0 

Final Standings

 Num   Pl   Name   Grade   Co   Club   NbW  R 1  R 2  R 3  MMS SOS SOSOS
Davies Andrew 3D 3 2+/b0 3+/w0 5+/w3 34 94 270
Welsh Chris 2D 2 1-/w0 4+/w2 3+/b0 33 96 275
Scott Sam 3D 1 4+/w2 1-/b0 2-/w0 32 97 274
van Niekerk Francois 3K 1 3-/b2 2-/b2 8+/w9 28 84 242
Wells Gordon 6K 2 6+/w0 7+/w8 1-/b3 26 77 212
Maasdorp Christiaan 8K 1 5-/b0 8-/w7 7+/w5 23 67 177
Moolman Deon 15K 0 8-/w1 5-/b8 6-/b5 15 51 193
Rigby Charles 18K 2 7+/b1 6+/b7 4-/b9 14 49 202

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November 5th, 2015

2015 Stellenbosch Open Announced

The 2015 Stellenbosch Open Go Tournament will be held on Sat 7 November.

Venue: LaunchLab, Hammandshand Road, Stellenbosch
Google Maps:Directions

09:00 Registration
09:30 Round 1
11:45 Round 2
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Round 3

Format: The tournament will be a 3 round MacMahon tournament, with the bar set at an appropriate level.

Time limits: 30 minutes each with byo-omi of 25 moves in 8 minutes.

Cost: Free Entry

This tournament is hosted by the Stellenbosch Go club and, for SAGA members, is a qualifying tournament for the annual South African Closed.

Please contact Francois van Niekerk if you would like to register at (registering on the morning is also an option).

The Stellenbosch Open is open to all players of all strengths. You do not have to be a member of SAGA to play. Beginners in particular are encouraged to take part.

Currently registered:

Andrew Davies [3d]
Sam Scott [3d]
Chris Welsh [2d]
Paul Steyn [2k]
Francois van Niekerk [3k]
Gordon Wells [6k]
Christiaan Maasdorp [8k]
Deon Moolman [15k]
Charles Rigby [18k]
Chris Truter [20k]
Sinjin Swanepoel [24k]

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October 25th, 2015

2015 SA Closed Candidates

The 2015 SA Closed Candidates tournament was played at the Kairos School of Inquiry this past weekend. It was won as usual by Victor Chow with the maximum of 7 out of 7 wins. The real battle was for second place, which Andrew Davies took, with five wins.

For those unfamiliar with this event, it is the final stage of the South African Closed. It is a tournament only open to South African players, and qualification for this event takes place a few months earlier, in the South African Candidates tournament. Entry in that event is restricted to the best 16 players from around the country, based on results at regional tournaments.

Detailed results (winner in bold):

Round 1 (Friday)
Victor Chow 7d Bob Gale 2d
Andre Connell 3d John Leuner 3d
Welile Gogotshe 4d Chris Welsh 2d
Sam Scott 3d Andrew Davies 3d

Round 2 (Saturday)
Victor Chow 7d John Leuner 3d
Andre Connell 3d Bob Gale 2d
Welile Gogotshe 4d Andrew Davies 3d
Sam Scott 3d Chris Welsh 2d

Round 3 (Saturday)
Victor Chow 7d Chris Welsh 2d
Andre Connell 3d Andrew Davies 3d
Welile Gogotshe 4d Bob Gale 2d
Sam Scott 3d John Leuner 3d

Round 4 (Saturday)
Victor Chow 7d Andrew Davies 3d
Andre Connell 3d Chris Welsh 2d
Welile Gogotshe 4d John Leuner 3d
Sam Scott 3d Bob Gale 2d

Round 5 (Sunday)
Victor Chow 7d Sam Scott 3d
Andre Connell 3d Welile Gogotshe 4d
Andrew Davies 3d Bob Gale 2d
Chris Welsh 2d John Leuner 3d

Round 6 (Sunday)
Victor Chow 7d Welile Gogotshe 4d
Andre Connell 3d Sam Scott 3d
Andrew Davies 3d John Leuner 3d
Chris Welsh 2d Bob Gale 2d

Round 7 (Sunday)
Victor Chow 7d Andre Connell 3d
Welile Gogotshe 4d Sam Scott 3d
Andrew Davies 3d Chris Welsh 2d
John Leuner 3d Bob Gale 2d

Final placing (tie breakers are the head to head results):

1. Victor Chow 7d (7 wins)
2. Andrew Davies 3d (5 wins)
3. Welile Gogotshe 4d (4 wins)
4. Andre Connell 3d (4 wins)
5. John Leuner 3d (3 wins)
6. Chris Welsh 2d (3 wins)
7. Sam Scott 3d (2 wins)
8. Bob Gale 2d (0 wins)

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August 5th, 2015

New shodan, new players at Cape Town Go club

Congratulations to Lloyd Rubidge, who was recently promoted to 1d after good results in the 2015 Winter League tournament.

The Cape Town club also welcomes a bunch new players (some old, some visiting):

Charles Rigby 20k
Gareth Priede 6k
Michael Rapson 10k
Magnus Lordan 2k (a visitor from Germany)
Matthew Cherry 19k

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July 21st, 2015

2015 Samsung Cup World Division Draw

The draw for the world division has been published. Victor Chow has received a bye into round two

2015 samsung cup world division draw

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July 16th, 2015

2015 Contenders date and location finalized

The contenders stage of the 2015 SA Closed will take place on the weekend of 23-25 October in Johannesburg. A specific venue is still to be decided. The first round match will be on the evening of Friday 23 October, with three matches each on Saturday and Sunday.

The contenders are

Victor Chow
Andre Connell
Welile Gogotshe
Sam Scott
Andrew Davies
Chris Welsh
John Leuner
Bob Gale

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June 28th, 2015

2015 Candidates

This weekend the Candidates stage of the 2015 SA Closed took place. Saturday saw 6 players battle it out, with the top four moving on to Sunday. The top four from Sunday (Andrew Davies, Chris Welsh, John Leuner and Bob Gale) have qualified to take part in the final Contenders stage of the 2015 SA Closed, that will take place later this year.

Candidates results:

1 Andrew Davies
1 Chris Welsh
3 John Leuner
3 Bob Gale
5 Lloyd Rubidge
5 Paul Edwards
5 Paul Steyn
8 Francois van Niekerk
9 Gordon Wells
9 Peet Brits

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June 24th, 2015

Winter League 2015 results now online

You can easily see up to date situation with the Winter League on google docs. You don’t need a google account to view it. You will probably need to download the file to see all the details, but the web view will give most of the information.

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June 14th, 2015

SAGA Council news

At the recent SAGA council meeting, a new council was formed, as follows:

President: Gordon Wells
Secretary: Chris Welsh
Treasurer: John Leuner
Membership Secretary: Paul Steyn
Tournament Secretary: Andrew Davies

The full minutes are here.

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June 10th, 2015

WAGC 2015 Update (final)

At the conclusion of the 2015 WAGC, Andrew Davies finished 39th, with three wins out of eight. Interestingly, he was seeded 39th. On the last day, he lost to Spain 3d and beat Portugal 2k. The full table of results can be found here. This year the tournament was split into a number of MacMahon groups, which explains why Cyprus with 5 wins ended up 38th, while Japan with 5 wins ended up 5th. It’s not clear who was in which group, although one can probably deduce it by subtracting the number of wins from the score to see the starting score for each player. Players in higher groups would have a higher starting score.

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